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[EN] Server Rules

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1) Do not ask GMs for any favours.
2) Do not request to become a GM.
3) Do not accuse GMs for any reason, there is a way to make a conversation with a GM if something goes wrong.
4) Global chats are mainly for english ONLY, preferably use other chats or PMs for different languages.
5) Do not use racism or insult anyone on global chats.
6) Trading ingame stuff between servers or for real money is not allowed.
7) If you find a bug or exploit ingame please report it to a staff member, Using bugs/exploits is not allowed.
8) The use of any 3rd party programs is not allowed, even if not used directly on our server.
9) Any kind of botting is not allowed, this includes using custom interfaces with automated functions.
10) If you need support please send a forum or Facebook PM, requesting support ingame is not recommended.
11) Using a staff member's name, for example xEmerald or Administrator is not allowed.
12) Events are for active players only, only one character per person allowed unless stated otherwise.
13) PvP or any kind of farming is not allowed, if you find a hole in our anti-farm security you are required to report it.
14) Players caught ruining events will be punished.
15) GMs will never ask you for your password, we do not need it, so it is your fault if you tell it to anyone.
16) Do not advertise other servers in any way, and do not request names of different servers either.
17) Account / item sharing is allowed but not advised, if you get scammed we won't recover anything for you.
18) If you do any mistake that's on you (that includes buying the wrong item, trading the wrong person etc...)
19) Scam shops are not allowed (misleading shop title, buy instead of sell and vice-versa, lying about price and so on).
20) Do not tell people you found an exploit, even as a joke, you will get banned for doing so.
21) Do not do any action against the server, that includes shouting bad things because of updates you didn't like.
22) Want to leave? then leave. planning to make drama out of it? then expect us to make you leave.
23) Do not request / ask / talk about a wipe / new season at anytime, anywhere - these are up for team's decision only.
24) Don't do any action that may break any of the rules above even as a joke.

Server works in zero tolerance policy, means you break even the smallest rule from the list above and you risk getting instant permanent HWID ban, no tolerance, no warnings and no exceptions, so read it carefully and avoid it.

Unbans can be done for the cost of 20 euros and only if I decide you deserve to be unbanned.

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