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donateとdonate shop

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Donation shops do not need mats parts dye etc (no one will buy it)

We need arms, armor, jewelry (boss etc)

1 euro = 250 A Change this to 1 euro = 1 coin (trade impossible)

Everyone has Adena. For example, if a person who does not donate gives Adena to the donor, you can get items from the donation store

This is a problem! Everyone becomes a donor!

Solve it by making it coin!

And trade at the donation store

1 coin = 250 A 10 coin = 2600 A 100 coin = 27000 A (there is a little service)

All donation shops trading with coin!

For example zaken ring = 80 coin etc.

I am confident in this proposal!

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doesn't matter , i always had the shop and i've never been interest in like.... business for others. I don't think any1 who donates , would like to buy everything for every1 everytime .They do it for dem'self and max for the best friend or a mate. And i'm the leader of Crimsons . Imagine that. Well fucktards mind who like to cheat can go anywhere actually , just to exploit smthg. So... idk exactly , i'm a special case XD.

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I don't mind people buying stuff for others, as zirconium said, its probably for friends and such, otherwise you risk being scammed.

Just like world events, people can trade the event items between each other to get the rewards faster - that doesn't mean I need to make the items not tradeable.

Plus it would only worth on very big discounts on very certain items, and since it changes on a daily basis, I doubt you'll have enough time to farm so much adena to buy something over and over in a single day.

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