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Suggestion for your Server's stability

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So it seems like this season was very short, I think it must be because the drop rates for enchants among other things was too high. But simultaneously your server (specially IL) reminds me of a server I use to play a while back that's been dead for a while called Infinite L2 and that server would run for years before needing to reset basically, there is clearly a large player base that is interested in playing your server but it needs some Tweeks. 

First and foremost I think you need to ditch the rank system altogether. To me it inherently limits the playtime of your server, people play for a while until a couple of players reach rank 70 and start quitting and everyone quits. No rank system, you just get adena and rewards through pvp and events so mutate those rewards to be given through pvp (i.e. one could receive a book of divine inspiration after doing x events automatically and you could receive a skill point or Attribute point every x event points). Then you could add some perks that are unlockable at certain PvP Counts. 

Your interlude server is vastly superior to your Highfive server, mostly in terms of GEODATA and responsiveness, it was a pure fn bliss playing on that interlude server. So I believe that is the server you should run, I would just add Kamael classes to it. 

Olympiad needs to be olympiad and there needs to be battles between the top tier players to determine which of them is the hero, Olympiad is what usually keeps players that reach the endgame interested for longer. 

I also think the blessed enchant scrolls need to disappear, normal scrolls only. Start the game with B grade and get enchant weapon B and armor B through pvp and events, let it be that enchant weapon B have the special perk that the enchant rate increases as you acquire pvp points with the weapon. I.e. you enchant the thing to +4 and then +5 has a 60% base chance of success but as you pvp it builds that success rate up to 95% and then 94% for +6 etc and it builds up like a meter and you use up the meter when you do an enchant, I can elaborate on that enchant system if you are interested). A grade purchasable for medium high amount of adena (say around 15k for a weapon and 30k for armor set) and S grade craftable but hard as fuck to get basically. A/S Grade are enchantable regularly, i.e. safe +3 and 60% chance (or so I dont remember) of enchant after that and scrolls are only dropped through pvp and events (i.e. cant be bought in store) same thing with lifestones and boss jewels, boss jewels are only dropped by the boss (baium orfen fritenza etc) and very rare. Basically make things harder to get and when top players enchant their gear, there is a chance they break it, this is what L2 is about imo. 

That's all, your interlude server was the best server I've played in the last 8 years, I just think it needs stability and I believe you can reach that with those suggestions. 

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