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New enchant system.

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I have suggestions about enchanting weapons, armor, or jewels.

Just a simple example ( admins can choose for a balanced game what +++ will need to be )

First, we need to add another type of scroll for second-stage enchants.

1st Stage normal enchant till +8 

2nd Stage to enchant +9 you will need a different type of scroll 

(a lot expensive than normal or you can get them by vote server)

Successful enchanting will make your gear to the next +10,+11+...

Failure can take down enchant by 1 or stay in current ++

successful enchant % needs to be low %5or10%


At the beginning of the server enchant rate (I don't know exactly how much it is ) is 50%

when maybe some % of the population starts enchanting his gear on 2nd stage 

you can increase 1st stage enchant rate to 80% because ppl who play less can 

catch up with others who play a lot, but the same time still behind them(they just entering stage 2 enchants)


I know the current enchant system makes most of the active players leave the server because is hard to recovery 

after you fail your weapon for +10 and start again from 0 


If you have better suggestions about my suggestion please share your opinion and 

let's make this server one good server to play for 2-3 weeks, I think most of the have duties

responsibilities and family most of us can't spend years playing, we just need

something for 2-3 weeks a max month to enjoy.


P.S. Don't forget to donate 5$or10$ this will keep our project running.

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