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Suggestions for the new Season

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I'm gonna make it simple:

-Rework henchman feature as a system where if the event population goes under 15 (or something) it starts generating henchmen that people have registered to be henchmen from their main character on that account. These henchmen reward their owner with like idk 15 or 20% of the gold they earn and can sporadically send key items like BOG or lifestones to your warehouse while they are active. These henchmen will just behave as the henchman you've already programmed, people can log in edit them even buy gear for them and then when they come on at night they are rewarded for their effort on their henchies. Instead of gravitating/being in the party of a specific real player (which is what made people reject the feature in the first place) they gravitate around event objectives and can only be put in parties with other henchmen. 

-Add Kamael

-Work on class balance a bit more throughout the server's lifespan 

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not sure why you deny all my suggestions lmao dude, best of luck with your serv doe 

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