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Group of French Players LF Clan

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Hello Everyone,

We are a french group of friends (~10 people) who are looking for a clan, one which match with our GMT +1 Zone. We are especially looking for a french clan but we are open-minded to join an english speaking clan if there is a good understanding/fun moments.

Most of us used to play L2 a long time ago, from L2 C3 till Interlude, on many famous servers which I wont specify here lol. Thus, we have a good experience of the game.

Feel free to send me a PM or to send me a Discord link so we can have a quick discussion if needed.

We are ready for Friday !

See you there 🙂


Salut à tous,

On est un groupe d'amis (une dizaine de personnes) qui cherche un clan avec qui jouer. De préférence un clan français ça serait bien mais on est pas fermé à des clan anglophones.

On a beaucoup joué à L2 sur d'autres serveurs (assez connus) dans le passé donc on a une bonne expérience du jeu. On cherchait un high-rate récent sur Interlude donc celui tombe parfaitement bien.

N'hésitez pas à m'envoyer un PM ou un Discord pour qu'on papote un peu avant l'ouverture.


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true,if u are like 10 ppl,create ur own clan and try to recruit solo players who speaks english (there was french players in the past,but i have many seasons to find french player here)
Also i would advice you to play in Chaos side,in order to keep the balance between the strong clans,because my clan will go on order side. If u want to ask me infos about server whisp me in discord Luffy#5989

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