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New Interlude Season

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Too many players keep requesting us to open the Interlude server once again so here it is, stronger than ever! 🙂

New Interlude season will start at 14th August 17:00 GMT +3

More news and events regarding the upcoming season will be published soon, in the meantime here's a list of some of the key changes that were made since the last Interlude season:

Boss Events / Jewels:
* Boss events will run more often.
* Reduced the requirements needed in order to be rewarded with mantras from boss events.
* Losing side will get a certain amount of mantras from boss events according to effort.
* Added alternaative ways to get mantras: PvP, daily quests, daily events and so on.
* Added extra time after registration period ends for teams to prepare and form their parties in boss events.

* Major improvements to balance system, especially in boss events.
* Fixed known issues with the queue system, reducing wait times.
* Added a new balance system "Hybrid" that replaces the ELO balance system.
* Balanced AoE skills damage from duelists/tyrants and players under cele to be divided by sqrt amount of targets.
* A-grade is now the starting gear in order to prevent impossible B vs S fights, however in order to prevent mages from considering DC set top gear, Dynasty items were added.

* Reduced rank required in order to become a noble.
* Added an alternative way (preffered for solo players - no need to kill a boss) to gain noble by collecting 500 MSS from PvP/PvE/Quests/Events.

Maps / Territories:
* In order to capture a territory a faction must own at least 50% maps of that territory (instead of all maps).
* Increased amount of players required to play maps which are defined as medium/large and changed some maps definitions according to players input.
* Improved spwan points in Goddard Castle (Siege).
* Made Ivory Tower (KOTH) map smaller (takes place only on 1 side of the crater instead of both sides).
* Made flags in Ancient Battleground (BF) closer to each other and made spawns closer aswell.
* Made flags in Field of Whispers (BF) closer to each other and made spawns closer aswell.
* Added 2 more flags at the center of Cemetery (BF) map.
* Added 1 more flag at the center of Primeval Isle (BF) map and made spawns closer.
* Added 1 more flag at the center of Resistance Fortress (BF) map and made spawns closer.
* Made spawn points in the following TvT maps closer: Antharas Lair/Mining Zone/Spider Nest/Execution Grounds/Hot Springs/Cemetery/Primeval Isle.
* Made spawn points in the following Domination maps closer: Hot Springs.
* Moved Hot Springs (BF) map to a smaller place.
* Added 3 new small maps to Immortal Plateau: Domination/Escort/Fort.
* Added 2 new small maps to Outlaw Forest: Domination/Escort.
* Added 2 new small maps to Ivory Tower: Battlefield/Fort.
* Added 2 new small maps to Elven Forest: Domination/Fort.
* Added new small map Antharas Lair (Fort).
* Added new small map Hot Springs (CTF).
* Added new small map Ancient Battleground (Fort).
* Added new small map Elven Fortress (KOTH).

* Adena/Mantra drops will now increase as game progresses.

* Replaced gamingtop100 with mmotop - a more active toplist website.
* Added L2 OvC referral program which allows players to win ingame donate coins by referring players to OvC.


See you soon!

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