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Auction house

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I know you probably know this, but the community really need an Auction House...

There are some disadvantages of offline shops...

There is a mess, the town laggs, fps drops.

Shopping is like going into a maze... you get blocked all the time.

You search your items, you waste your time to do shopping.

People SCAM.

There are old shops that are outdated, with ridiculous prices...

When u look for some item, it's already gone from the shop

Basically a ton of disadvantages...


AH would fix all of that...

I think it might be a good idea with AH...

Atleast it would improve the quality of the gameplay



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+++++ would be insane to have it here. With ability to buy sell augmented weapons with taxes ofc so  ppl cant trade use trade 😄 since i feel i am the only guy who cant get refresh (sadly the only working augment in ovc ....) in around 200 stones 😄

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It won't be approved anyway, search older topics about AH for why not, i've replied it probably like 10 times already.

P.S. we already had AH before, it was removed and won't be introduced again.

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As expected..... 

4 hours ago, PePeR said:

We had AH? When?

Probably in Grand Crusade ... because there is nothing available like that on lower chronicles and probably too hard for Emerald to do.

On 3/18/2018 at 10:21 AM, Emerald said:

We've had such NPC on the grand crusade season and personally I never liked it.

I preffer the old way of shops and shouts, it makes the server mroe alive.



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