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Can't login on 3 of my characters afther critical error

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Dear Admins, 3 of my characters are bugged. This meaning i can't login with them anymore to the server (When in the character select screen). How did this happen? Well when i was registering for events boom i get critical error and now im having this bug that i can't login anymore (stuck in the loading screen). I hope u can solve this by teleporting my characters back to town i think that will fix this problem <3. Because i am having a blast on this server hope i can continue my journey.

Names Characters:

Ylondor - Ylonfor- Yalex

Thanks in advance!

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Dear Emerald, I have tried this method on ur guys site over and over again but nothing seems to happen ingame with my characters..... Isn´t there another way to fix this? because i keep stuck on the login screen (afther choosing character)  for some odd reason. The game won't load up only if i make a new character it runs perfectly fine. I really need help with this i had so much on this server and i don't wanna give it up so easily.


Thanks in advance.

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