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Bugged Dual Dagger Animations in Deathmatch

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Right now everyone looks like a Kamael in Wedding Dress, but there are no Running/Skill Animations for Dual Daggers for that Model, so Daggers look very buggy.

Changing to Female Dwarf like in Interlude would fix that since they do have Dual Dagger Animations, however, I'm not sure how the Client interacts with non-Kamaels that have Kamael Weapons equipped, so then Kamael Classes might bug out instead perhaps.


Maybe having ppl shown as their original Race but without Armor is fine? Would make telling who is who a little easier but would prevent bugged animations.

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The only class that has support for almost all animations (except dual daggers) are kamaels, I really don't feel like that animation problem is too much disturbing...

None of the other classes support any kamael weapon.

Orcs don't support kamael weapons and they don't support dual daggers either btw, so you might encounter such animation bugs even on l2off servers and there's nothing to do about it.

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