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PVE is at disadvantage

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Most mobs, raidbosses, flags, anything that needs to be killed has no elemental resistance, lower level, they just die instantly

Most bosses are a matter of getting 30 people to press F1 for 10 unninterrupted seconds. 

Mini events are lasting very little. As it is now its just free adena and event for rank and move to the next one.

Farm zone mobs aswell with Dr Chaos.

Gates, walls, crystals, flags

Daily missions are no longer a challenge (except when you have to protect npcs they are just weird now since they die so fast aswell)

Is it possible to either boost them on a fixed basis or dynamically change according to people online or a number made by people online (possible players) + people in event (current players)?

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yeah, all that content was pretty much 1:1 ported from interlude, but ppl have much stronger stats and skills now so they've become a joke

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I noticed that PvE is weaker now and i'm actually fine with it unless you see some serious problem somewhere.

In instance events all that matters is who completes the instance first, and not if it took 2 or 5 minutes to complete it.

Same for grand boss events, the moment a certain team won the PvP phase the boss is theirs, I have no intention to make them lose to PvE, nor fight a boss for 10 minutes while it can be done in 5 or less (and keep everyone outside waiting...)

The only PvE content that matters is missions, so if you want open a topic specifically on these and elaborate on the problems they have.

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