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Tide spots maps

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@Emeraldmaps where all the focus is one place (like the cave - domination), after some time it gets very very laggy. At least for me who doesnt have a modern pc. Just so u know.


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Removing Soulshots/Spiritshots Animations
Very simple - Delete the 'soulshot.int' file from your system folder.

This seems to increase fps for many people in mass pvp.

If you like having your soul shots and glows (I know I do), just remove them for mass pvps and re-apply them for smaller pvp

Increasing Cache Size 
> Download L2 File Edit: http://www.mediafire.com/file/rvc53byp2a9kboh/High_Five_FileEdit.rar/file
> Run the 'L2 File Edit' program as administrator.
> Open and Decrypt
> Select your L2.ini file
> Scroll down to [Engine.GameEngine] (check this picture for details: http://imgur.com/UBwHdca )
> Change this: CacheSizeMegs=32   to this: CacheSizeMegs=512
> Save and Encrypt
> Replace Existing File
> When the 'Header' pop-up comes up. Select version 413

You can also try changing the size to 1024, but it may cause you to crit error when trying to run your client. If that's the case, use 512.
If you are getting crit errors with 512, change it to 256.

It will help but not in 100% time

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Thx for the tips although i am not sure ill keep playing. And no its not related to balance, balance is fine. Its more related to the lack of features im just interested in more build diversity,(dont ask me what i want, u wont get an answer) something that doesnt exist right now. Like for example most skill enchants are obvious, maybe 2 skills out of 10 have 2 good choices.
But yeah, thx.

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Because you said you are looking forward for a more challenging environment... There are so many things to consider.... So many items composition to use in different cases.... Talismans.... Zodiac signs.... Brooches and jewels.... Hats with skills and stats.... Skills that can be enchanted on different paths and still make a difference etc.... It's more complex and gives you the build diversity you might be looking for....but the only downside is that..... Every server is heavy pay 2 win...But again.... The game is still on lol engine and requires a good pc.... Otherwise you'll be seeing a lot of picture in picture with all the new skills animations etc.....

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54 minutes ago, Mersiles said:

why god+?

L2 is not programmed to utilize multiple CPU Cores, but relies heavily on the CPU. That's why modern PCs didn't scale well to make the game run smoother, since clock speeds have stayed similar over the last few years and only core counts increased

Possibly later Chronicles like God are better optimized for multiple Cores, but calling that game L2 is brave

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