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first impressions

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34 minutes ago, Venth said:

* Reduced force single target skills damage by 15%.

That should by changed to 5-10%.

Daggers are fine after changes  if you stop use interlude deyes(-9 str :D) and get epics/gear

With debuffs its something strange they almost not land only fighters skills have better chance then magican. Maybe beacous all have full debuff ressist set up.

This is the last thing iI will say on the topic of daggers the characters I have been playing with for many years and who know very well what he is and how it should be.

I had daggers +6, 150 elements, enchanted skills 4-5-6, my dyes are not IL and the maximum damage I do to the mage is ~2k-2,5k sometimes the skills crits and can do very rarely 5k and this is on the newly created mage which cannot be seen on the map. if you don't believe me, I'll log in again just to prove it to you. Dagger nerf is not needed not just because of the presence of COP but because of many differences compared to IL.

Resist don't work as they do on IL where they made the character hardy for mages but this is not so on H5. Dyes are different which costs a lot of HP, the mages are not anymore in low grade armor sets and they do great damage. And yet there are not only mages on the server you can imagine how much lower is the damage on light and heavy.  Actually one of the strongest characters for 1 vs 1 the dagger is turned into KS shit.  I suppose you can think of how many skills are needed( and they should be from unless the target turns to you, in front the chance for dagger is close to zero ) to a dagger to kill a mage (9-10k HP +2-3k CP approximately 6-7 skills you usually died before you make that number ). What the dagger of this chronicle can do is to kill 1-2 max people and to die or hide/escape. If he can't do it quickly better to be deleted from the list of characters to be created.

Because I saw that it is fashionable for people to share their business cards, I will share a little bit of my humble story of the game, and especially this chronicle.  I have not played on the official server but I've played on Russian official, RPG and other Russian servers that use official files.  I never have done as little damage to any of these servers as I did here, this is the first server I have no chance of killing healer.  The minimal damage I've done to the mage when I'm in the back at similar stage has never been below 3k  and this would be about the same here without the unnecessary nerf that I don't care about anymore( there are no other daggers to care about so they can be deleted from the game). This will be no different on end game because the mages will have Elegia( which they do not have on low rate) cert skills (UD, counter celestial) and so on.

What I found funny is that this has remained, online there are 2-3 daggers that are probably gone and there is some fear of them...  it is very scary for a dagger that he could do damage to one target  if he can get through all the tanks and AOE skills don't kill him before reaching his.  What amazes me is thinking and that one newbie SPH does 10 more time damage with one AOE skill is ignored.  It's very scary that a dagger can does 5k damage but it is not when a mage does it with AOE.  It's funny and pathetic.  It is strange how much attention is paid to a character with almost zero impact and what is a big problem is ignored.  You can keep the nerf after you are so scared that few people will change the status quo( this is a joke unless you add range AOE blow skills :) )

Everything I wrote is quite unnecessary and it won't change a thing but still...

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