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Found 6 results

  1. Hi, few times i noticed that map with most votes isnt played. Is that how it should work? btw, minievent after main event was battle royale with 0 votes.
  2. TheStinger


    Something is wrong with voting system? Even if i vote in topzone my vote doesn't count and l2network doesn't load tha page
  3. Zirconium


    Okay I Figure it out why that "you didn't vote for us on" .... is appearing , but now , now i can't fix it anymore ; but then , we should have 3 more available websites where we could vote innit? Well... they ain't workin' , none of them. L2 newtwork... ist sheise.... l2 j brazil not working , it never registered my vote , l2 ru ..... pretty much at'all ever. How do we need to vote on those 2 other websites or ... what does it take to get the vote reward buff.Can we Recheck them Please ? . Last time it was 3 of'em , u were voting , there u go, boom "thank you for voting us" . Now I Play Once in 2-3 days with vote buff on and the rest of the days with nothing.
  4. westboy


    @Emerald Hi I'm not getting reward in game ...it says that I must contanct you and migrate into a new API..
  5. I dont get the global vote adena reward. Only 1 pc at home, only me playing. Yesterday it was fine and i took the prize but suddenly after i started a shop, i am not gettting the vote adena reward. Restarted the rooter, re-open client, still the same problem Any solutions?
  6. Hatemost

    Vote reward

    What about to make Vote reward to have a chance for a player to receive a random item or even about 5% - 10% chance to "level up" a rank (until Captain or Major this is up to you) could help new players imo /discuss