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  1. FreeWatter


    Hello, Very first time on this server and I've chosed to play SPS, tried to be consistant and keep on playing no matter what, but I feel like changing to SH (which requires to create a new char ). As long as 90% of mages are SH, it might mean they are a little bit OP. You've chosen to get back on the 10% nerf (which I can understand), so why not give a little boost to SPS (and other mages). So few suggestions : - Do something about cast speed : above 1500 cast spd, there is no dps improvement. As many hydro blast used in 1min with 1500 and 1999 cast spd. So reduce de reuse time of hydro blast, or find a way to get this cast speed any useful. - Increase fear land rate (for all mages except SH, so we can be worth vs melee) - Increase cancel range to 900 - Increase mages (excluded SH )damages (not to reach SH damages, but get slightly closer). I give it a try before rerolling =) Regards,