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  1. Hello interlude community! I have a small gift for you! I'm going to share with you a thread I put together for my clan 2 days ago. After browsing all the threads and posts I could find, I put together a list of tweaks and updates you can apply yourself to help increase your FPS for L2. You'll notice some of these tweaks are more effective for certain situations. For example, removing your soulshot/spiritshot animation may not help you much in Giran, but will do wonders in Queen Ant's nest. If anyone else has some more files/information, leave a post below and I will update this main post. This way we can keep all the information in one post, and people won't have to go searching the whole forum/web to get the information they're looking for! Installing the latest Interlude Update > Download the following file: http://www25.zippyshare.com/v/35171501/file.html > Uninstall Lineage 2, and make sure you delete the L2 folder from your Program Files > Reinstall the Interlude Client > Delete default system folder > Unzip the Interlude Update we just downloaded. > Copy and paste all the files into your freshly installed Lineage 2 folder. Replace all existing files. > You now have the latest interlude patch! > Delete the system folder and add and run the L2 ovc Patch. This should increase your FPS and also help with a lot of the current critical errors! LAA Tweak (I think this only works if you have more than 2GB ram, not sure. Do this after you have installed the interlude update!) > Download CFF Explorer: http://www.ntcore.com/files/CFF_Explorer.zip (backup original L2.exe from system folder in case this doesn't work) > Run CFF Explorer (as administrator). > Click the folder icon or go to File -> Open and browse your PC for l2.exe (the one in your SYSTEM folder) > Click on File Header at the left, find Characteristics at the right, and click the 'Click Here' blue button. > Tick App can handle >2GB address space. > Click OK. > Save by clicking the disk icon or going to 'File -> Save. > Overwrite the file when it asks you to. Done! Increasing Cache Size > Download L2 File Edit: http://www63.zippyshare.com/v/38179529/file.html > Run the 'L2 File Edit' program as administrator. > Open and Decrypt > Select your L2.ini file > Scroll down to [Engine.GameEngine] (check this picture for details: http://imgur.com/UBwHdca ) > Change this: CacheSizeMegs=32 to this: CacheSizeMegs=512 > Save and Encrypt > Replace Existing File > When the 'Header' pop-up comes up. Select version 413 You can also try changing the size to 1024, but it may cause you to crit error when trying to run your client. If that's the case, use 512. If you are getting crit errors with 512, change it to 256. L2.ini with 512mb cache - http://www58.zippyshare.com/v/97002205/file.html L2.ini with 1024mb cache - http://www15.zippyshare.com/v/99474272/file.html Removing Soulshots/Spiritshots Animations Very simple - Delete the 'soulshot.int' file from your system folder. This seems to increase fps for many people in mass pvp. If you like having your soul shots and glows (I know I do), just remove them for mass pvps and re-apply them for smaller pvp! Removing Group Heals And Overlord Heals skillgrp.dat file - http://www20.zippyshare.com/v/12295771/file.html This has removed the animation for The Heart of Pa'agrio and The Honor of Pa'agrio and has switched the Major Group Heal animation for the Body of Avatar animation. VERY useful for MAs also! Razer Game Booster > Download the free game booster: http://www.razerzone.com/gb-en/gamebooster > Install it > Add your L2.exe file to the launcher > Launch L2.exe using game booster This has helped a few of my clan members, but not many. May work for you! Some very useful and UNDERRATED advice: > Before a mass pvp, reboot your pc. > Close ALL Running programs which you don't need (especially if you're going to fraps): Skype, browsers etc. > When you're in game and a massive fight has just ended, and you have 1-2 minutes before the next fight starts, restart your client. For some reason, your client saves information. So the longer you have your client running and the more it's seen, the lower your fps will drop. Obviously it won't be great if the whole clan is constantly rebooting their clients in between fights, but if MAs could do this, or some bishops, it might be useful! > Make sure you play in minimum graphics in mass pvp (alt +p) > Check this picture for the lowest possible graphics you can set in your options if you're still having FPS problems (although be warned, setting your NPC limit to very low will cause you a lot of trouble in mass pvp as you won't be able to see for shit. I had to learn this the hard way >.<): http://imgur.com/kVeDoGL I hope this helps you guys like it's helped me and my clannies! Regards to Erdi