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Found 10 results

  1. You can't just watch it! Actually you can join the game and check the balance of all occupations. Understand why people are declining. Relapse prevention! It's not been a month yet (strong language) You are the president and take responsibility
  2. Hello, I am playing Cardinal as I have been for years, and I have to say I am pretty happy with the level of balance on the server*, but I would like to suggest decreasing the reliance on Chain Heal. Currently, Chain Heal does most of the healing as it is fast too cast, doesn't cost much, the cooldown is low, the range is high and it heals several people at once. While Cardinals have many tools to keep people alive, most of these tools are completely overshadowed by Chain Heal as they are just inferior in every way, and healing barely boils down to Chain Heal on cooldown, Balance Life when Chain Heal is not available (for the next 2 seconds...), and some occasional Major Heal / Cleanse here or there. That's 3-4 buttons. As I am writing this, most maps are won by which side has the most healers (not the best healers by any means) and who has the most geared SHs (can't really heal a 4k 6k vortex slug combo) on open maps. My proposal would be to either tune the skill with one of the following points, or a combination of following points (e.g. cooldown to 4 seconds and mana to 350) increase the cooldown of Chain Heal to 6-8 seconds or increase the cast time to match Major Group Heal or reduce the healing done to 15-20% max hp instead of 30% max hp or increase the mana required from 200 to 400-500 On the other hand, Restore Life is much slower to cast than on retail for no apparent reason. Restore Life could be modified so that it becomes viable again, complementing Chain Heal so that Cardinal doesn't lose too much healing output. Body of Avatar, and I suspect Battle Roar for glad/destro, could also be changed so that they work with Improved Condition. * Additional suggestions below from my observations SH need to lose empowering echo on a server where mana is not an issue. NCSoft dropped the ball when they introduced it, there is no need to keep their mistakes alive. Gladiators and Tyrants are a bit too strong as they can rush every other second (another idiocy from NCSoft) and crit for 4k or more while having 25k hp and a shitload of resists: either increase Rush cooldown to 5-10 seconds, or slightly lower their damage There is basically no reason to play a dagger over a tyrant/glad at the moment. While Warriors have spammable rush and good damage, Daggers struggle by having long cooldown on Shadow Step and no more fighter prophecies that do not reduce movement speed (like Profecy of Wind in Interlude). Furthermore, their damage is currently ridiculously low, although I doubt that the few daggers I have encountered were geared with 300 elements, enchanted skills and AQ/Baium.
  3. 1) Make attribute stones free for all to balance damage and crystals buyable for adena. It would prevent people being one shot when others know how to make proper setup with Skills++ and attributtes, also add elements to starting armors lv4 instesd 1-2. 2) How will the thing with talismans go?You could lock them inside events except Grand RB/Raidbosses, they shouldnt be only obtainable through donation because all classes need them for Olympiad to have equal chances.(On most servers they are free and open, or buyable for very little price) 3) Add an ALL attribute stones enchant option that instantly puts all the stones u have in your inventory into weapon/armor when holding ALT key or CTRL. Putting stones one by one is really boring. 4) Maybe its about time that other countries in L2 than Russian show some Phase based server, that prevents no-lifiers getting sick lead and prolongs server/season life. Just like on an RU IL one. For example, you make season in few Phases: 1) 1st lasts 1-2 Weeks, max lvl is 82-83, S-S80 weapons and armors are unlocked, epics like QA/Orfen/Core/Beleth are obtainable through shop/Grand Rb, other grand Rb/epics are locked, sieges are locked, max enchant +10 2) 2nd phase lasts 1-2 weeks, max lvl is 84, low-mid S84 are unlocked, all epics and grand rb are unlocked, sieges are unlocked, max enchant+12 3) 3rd phase 1-2 weeks, top s84 unlocked, max lvl 85, max enchant +16, future updates etc.. I believe its a healthy and new way of playing L2 and equalizes a bit the difference between people that play all day and the ones that work, it also makes server look still fine/easy to catch when new people keep joining even after 4-6 days after opening. H5 is a really nice and well-made end-game chronicle so theres always something to farm and those phases should keep still good PvP with lots of new-people.
  4. Mersiles

    Balance Related

    1) add a 1v1 randomized arena 2) self buffs SHOULD not take buff slots, this is unfair for classes with many self buffs and classes 3) increase the run speed of melee FIGHTER classes, such as tanks, titan, tyrant etc. The obvious reason so many ppl play mages and generally range is classes is due to bad balance either u accept it or not. An average Mage hits u 1600 dmg per half a second, as a melee u need to close the gap (the distance) to do ANY dmg at all. And even if u reach them your auto attacks or skills might still NOT do as much dmg as they do. And you wonder why 70% of the server plays mages? So increase the speed of these fighter classes and also boost general skill dmg by 10% (for fighters ofc). Skills like Judgment, Power Strike etc etc. Doesnt matter if low skill or high skill.
  5. Hi, I think it would be nice to cut bishops out of this ELO crap, because when you reach the maximum 5K Elo as Bp, getting into events is almost impossible. Opposite side has two Bishops when in the meantime i'm the only one that wishes to join my side and balance event a bit. Waiting in queue for 15mins is discouraging, make it either 1:1 count depending or some gear system. This class should also have some kind of lock if there are 10 or less players inside event. It is made for mass pvp so I dont see any point in picking it until population is high( Like 15-30 vs 15-30).
  6. I noticed the balancing that prevents too many healers on one side vs the other. Could I suggest a tweak so that a 1:1 healer ratio from the start? The end result would be that the first healer to register would have to wait until a healer on the other side also registers in order to enter. The goal here is preventing low pop scenarios where one side has a healer and the other doesn't. Comment and counter-opinion welcome.
  7. Hey, few minutes ago i played 3 events in row, all unbalanced in ELO, count. On last mini event - VIP. It was 8 chaos vs 19 order and after event games manager says it was 51% vs 49% for chaos (wtf? xD). Can you put in some autobalancer in events?
  8. Hi, whats happening with events in last day. Chaos is all the time underpowered by count and ELO. For example, printscreen atm.
  9. KoSzOs


    Hi emerald, i dont know if u remember me, but we played together in Famigla, several years ago. I stopped playing a long time ago, but played here some seasons. I have a suggestion towards some thing, if you denie it then do, but i think its worth giving a thought. So, Many seasons i didnt have much time to play, on avarage weekly 7-12 hr, but i have managed to get decent items ofc with clan, so i think the avarage people can realte to me. I remeber back from Infinite l2 I LOVED the figh for fort buff, i think you should bring it back. Also i remember on Infinite l2 we dindt have POW/COV etc, and in order to get it you had to be in pt with a buffer, you could bring it back, it would help with more buffer playing events, and i played WC for a long time and i enjoyed it. Everybody respected me nowdays i dont think peple respect buffers cose no one need it. Btw the most awsome feeling is when you got cov or smthlike cose then you ruled, didnt matter wich class was it but i suggest to stay with this 20+4 buffs!!!!!!! with that 5min prophecy buff My main prblem was with the +16 ench system, with me not playing 30hr+ weekly, i didnt had uch kills/money so idint get the chance to enchant much and literally 3 times in a row I have managed to get the TOP gear (30k adena weap category) when the admin ANNOUNCED THE NEW SEASON, so this is a thank you for playing situation when i dint get the time to enjoy. So my suggetion is that the max ench wold be +12, i think it would serve a really good balance for geared ppl agains a newcomer (not die in 0,2 sec but 0,6-1sec so the newbie can deal 1-2 more hit witch is extra money/exp and also i hate when after 2 weeks there is 10-20%of ppl running with +16 weap when i got like+5 or+7... Thanks for the time to reading it ^^
  10. Hi all, I think there should be a .report function to report players/bots in event who are throwing off the balance off teams. It is not fair to have 3-4 dwarfs with the name qwt32g9j throwing off balance while one faction is obliterating the other. Maybe make it if ~20-30% of all players on the team who use the function on the player, the player gets ejected from the event and cannot join for a few hours or something (if happens a lot maybe ban?). This might be hard to implement but I think it could be a good idea. Thank you.