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Found 2 results

  1. Hello, I have had connectivity issues on the server since the very beginning, but I suspect the gravity varies depending on how many players are on the server. I have a relatively high ping with a lot of spikes / lost packets but I blame this on my WIFI card and a less than stellar router located on another floor. However, I have a specific issue with L2OVC which leads me to think is linked to some specific configuration @Emerald implemented on the server/client (maybe to prevent dual boxing?). When I lose connection, it is not possible to get another stable connection while L2 client is open. While I am in this intermediary state (WIFI icon is fine, but no connection to internet), I receive an error in L2 client stating that the hostname cannot be resolved. I then have to close L2 client and then restart the WIFI before I can get another connection (within 2 seconds of restarting WIFI). It is not possible to get a stable connection without closing L2 client first. Just for comparison, I can play L2 on retail or League of Legends for hours without any issue (except a few lag spikes here and there). Would it be possible to identify what could cause this issue?
  2. Hello, I was wondering if there were some changes done with the server?After update or i dont know what could cause the trouble. Because latest week is terrible for people that are playing the server from UK. Insane lags, random disconnects, delays etc. I have friends with the same situation from UK that are playing since 1st week and it was amazing, we had no lags or delays even when there were 300+ online players. Everything was running smooth and clean. Now it became a nightmare, we are getting constant DC`s and play on 3-5s delays till our chars move sometimes. I`ve checked other servers and my connection, it was perfectly fine and smooth, ping is 5-10ms, internet providor also is not the cause of the problem, I had called him, so it has to be something else. Maybe restart server or i dunno. I tried it all, even proxies. I know u doing the updates and stuff so i thought that maybe it should be checked as well, because its weird that it only targets UK people. Please hear our small request because so far the season is amazing and well-made Would be nice to enjoy it till the end without delays/disconnects like this. Regards!