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  1. Changelist #5 * All Adena/FA rates/prices have been increased by x10. @Emerald Can you explain to us what was the purpose of this change? Everybody is confused and looking for an answer. Thanks.
  2. So what lol? its just a game,you mind every retard that curses you?
  3. Too much drama,everyone's a pro here too.
  4. Reese

    Class Change Price

    I want to buy valakas but it's very high 30k adena,lel
  5. Some more feeding you mean ?
  6. Its already hard,26% to succeed,its just luck guys,some of us can't get passed +10 for example.
  7. True,also there are guys that sleep 3hrs/night just to play the server so...
  8. What you want him to do? Delete his weapon? wtf
  9. When they spoke greek you said its an off-topic section and everything can be spoken.
  10. Ma pis pe tine si iti dau valoare,cum poti sa ma faci pe mine agramat cand tu scrii "marsh",date-n pula mea de copil virgin si prost,nu dau 2 lei pe tine mai cur spart,se vede ca esti doar un copil frustrat,maltratat si probabil abuzat sexual de tactu.
  11. taci in plm de prost,mereu mananci cacat,futum-as in gura ma-tii.