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    Did you understand that in 2020? A rather pitiful conclusion. Keeping in mind that TH has dash and mirage and you want AW and TH to do the same damage? I won't be able to explain how this server attracts people like you ...
  2. If that's right, what's the difference if you leave on Tuesday or Friday ? 🙂 A working player can never get to a 24/7 player, this is how the game was created and will always be. leave out the fact that people with lots of free time usually get together and do parties, while for those who work it is more difficult. If you have not yet been able to play against 24/7 players and donators there is no reason to think that 2 days will help you succeed. starting a server on Friday has both positives and negatives which is also valid for starting on Saturday. Maybe the admin noticed positives you can't see 🙂 You can't convince anyone that a few hours more is so important.
  3. I see you wasting your time with nonsense 🙂 I don't know if you remember some time ago I tried to explain to Luffy that he must not use the word "random" and he told me that he is a very old, core clan member of one clan without knowing that the leader of that clan is my very old and good friend. With that he fell into a pretty awkward situation which I find it funny to this day. I am more than sure that the person you are arguing with would fall into the same situation because I see him mention people that let's say I've known for a long time. Anyway, without commenting on top players from Russian servers, unless you make jokes with ovc top players you must know that any disputes here are pointless. I have seen disgustingly stupid people on Russian servers but here everyone is racing to break any record for stupidity. Be careful not to get you into their racing, you will be in their territory and there they will defeat you, because this is their kingdom 🙂
  4. The dagger here is a joke that has nothing to do with reality, end of story 🙂
  5. Hope you know that each dagger skill is critical attack. The fact is that at least 70% of the servers that exist nowadays CD and Vicious Stance do not work. The test is very easy - dmg with 1 hand dagger + CD should be bigger than with dual daggers, dmg with Vicious Stance should be bigger than without it with both daggers :X In h5 the dagger damage depend also on str which mean p attack so if you have 3k p attack after each dagger skill the damage should be ~30% bigger(but you lost the luxury to use dual blow). Remembering how scary 2.5k backstab to just created mage sounded I do not believe Vicious Stance works, but who knows 😛
  6. This is true, there is no way to balance this game. If the new players are equal to the old ones it comes to the question why the old ones spend money on items - they expect to have an advantage, but seriously because they know how the game is made. New ones and those with little play time want to be equal to the old ones and those who play a lot - stupid desire and they should know it. But ... the community here ... no comment 😮 Over the years, I have seen various attempts to support new players on such servers one of the most successful with rewards from events, but even that doesn't help just prolongs the server life by a bit. People play to have an advantage over others and if they don't get it they leave. This is normal and is true in every game and in real life. The word balance in this server has become a perversion - try to balance the life of an arab sheikh and a homeless indian - it's the same they cannot be equal 😛
  7. let's say 2 max depends on online at the beginning and the speed at which players reach "end game". Then there are only those who have absolutely nothing to do and those who cry for something. I see that now people complain from one tank that reaches "end game" but they do not realize that there is really no one to kill him and he knows this fact. In pvp 3 vs 4 is impossible for an archer with 2 berserks and pow to kill PK who has top S84 and 2 icons even if he is afk but in 20-30 vs 20-30 is different. The people who play here do not know the chronicle well and complain about everything. One female soulhound can make crazy every tank and he doesn't even have to kill him - jump around, stay away and press only Soul Of Pain Previous season in which there were many more tanks I played exactly SLH, and I had a lot of fun with how these tanks suffer mainly at the oly. The tanks of this chronicle can be quite annoying but the presence of female soulhounds is even more annoying to them. All you need is one SLH in second account with mage weapon ( I like the nickname WTSTarget )
  8. I am one of the people who criticize the server but now there is no way. This archer... LOL dyes, 2 berserks, POW???!???? WTF. Probably his defense is like a mage in DC set... One thing is for sure - what is in his inventory can only be reached on this server with such "style" and what is worse is that there are people who are more tragic than him... It's really funny to watch "l2 players" like him to complain in this forum over the years. I tried to avoid commenting after not playing here but there was no way I could resist. Sorry, but to such players and god can not help...
  9. According to some people, you can have more than 500(same for all other stats) but you can see max 500. I have seen a lot of controversy on the topic but the truth is that you can't say how do these things work without seeing the source code of the game.
  10. When was he not? PP was always a character used outside of a party, on some chronicles strong at the oly and thas all...
  11. Omg... do you really want to play so much on pvp server with a character that is used even on low rate servers as a dual box? Now it remains to start crying about adding pvp points for each root The people on this server don't stop amazing me!
  12. True. I don't know how it works right now but it is easy to check -- > create a fighter character that has stun --> use stun on WR in dodge ---> the damage must be zero no matter whether the effect will succeed or not. If WR receives any damage then dodge works wrong.
  13. Dodge - Allows user to evade short-range and long-range physical attack skills for 10 seconds. You should not receive damage but you can feel the effect of stun or debuff. Prophet has the opposite - Mystic Immunity you resist all debuffs but you receive the damage. The only way to resist both is beeing in celestial.
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    The same can be said for pvp weapons and enchants.
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    People who have experience of this chronicle know very well that buying a Vesper is pointless and it was even mentioned before the start of the season. Next season, those who have made a mistake will know. What you gain and what you lose is a matter of elementary math that anyone can do. There is nothing hidden, you see bonuses from different sets. For example, in IL you have talum light set but no one should use it, and yet on this server, I have seen people dressed with it. No sense of comments.
  16. I doubt that there can't be modifications for a particular char, which would be a pretty stupid mistake that I don't believe was made. Even if such nonsense is made, there should be other slightly more complicated ways to handle it. Speaking about chain heal ... this is one of the nonsense made by NCSoft in H5 at least for me, adding this skill to OL is absurd -personal opinion.
  17. It made my day Anyway, the blame for nerfs is yours. You should be aware that when there are 20 tanks with -10 str dyes, unlimited mana, buffs that can't be canceled in combination with your hell style of play - "agro-bot" which only a few people here do will force everyone to do two things : 1 leave 2 ask the admin for changes( in both situations you stop the nonsense in the game but they stay in the forum). Unfortunately for you, it was decided that instead of pleasing a few people with strange intentions the biggest part of players will be kept. Now the tank is exactly what it should be - it dies slowly and kills slowly, or perhaps this surprises you?
  18. It's hard for me to imagine that it cannot be changed. For example character stats - each character has DEX but the value is different. Each character is allowed to define the value and is also allowed to the user(the player) to change this through dyes, equipment, augments ( admins have the options to allow players further changes via custom items - marks, tattoos ..) It is certainly possible to change the power, mp consumption and so on per character. And the name/ID change would have to be far more difficult, even I would say impossible. If it's possible to change the power/effect on one skill (there are other nerfs that are similar) then should be possible to change all skills. I guess Emerald is one of the admins that has made the most changes in skills and if he wants he'll do it easily.
  19. I am impressed! it is immediately apparent that this person is new to this community Someone to suggest the character he plays with be nerfed... I didn't believe it could happen. One of the best suggestions made in this forum! Mentioned truths about NCSoft that are not a problem in low rate but here they are(something that some "agro-bots" cannot understand). I completely support it!
  20. Both of you are tanks and you tell others that they need to find a way to deal with your sick brains direct them or go play the games mentioned by you. Teach me, it seems you are pro Share the secret to letting people know what to do about tanks and keep these topics closed forever. One again especially for you : The huge difference is that these characters can be killed a lot easier even in 1 vs 1. The huge difference is that these characters can kill unlike tank with -10 str. The huge difference is that these characters can be debuffed. The huge difference is that to play with these characters you need a brain that you both do not have.
  21. When in 30 minutes in 25 of them you have tanks on your target whose sole purpose is to annoy you and this tank(s) is almost impossible to die there is not much choice in what you can do. It is not a low rate server where you can cancel their buffs and kill them or their mana ends but you're obviously an expert on how to handle a tank( I guess you are one of the tanks ) so please teach Rhaegar what to do. I look forward to your lesson with impatience and if you can't say something to help him, I expect pictures of how you play the games mentioned above You will help many people here with this lesson, so please explain to the "fools" how to deal with tanks. Thanks
  22. You people have a problem with the pathetic community here , at least part of it. This one(hate) at least has some purpose but he like the other tanks are just mentally ill people -auzenia, gatos ~10-15 people. Their style of play is " I will annoy everyone, the server will die and I'll write nonsense in the forum" and they find this a lot of fun. Sad and funny story...
  23. You gave me updates of features for which I stopped playing this server, you may have forgotten but I've been playing for a lot of seasons here. You have no way of knowing that I met people I have played here in other servers, similar and not so as yours. It is not very difficult to describe and understand what is the situation here. I have fresh memories how at the end of one map I compare the received money with one "pvp" oriented spoiler and with surprise I found that he had received few times more than I did. I later found the same about one tank and one healer. If I knew we will lead this dialogue I would have saved a photo with the words of a very old player on your server, but I will quote it "full with tanks and warlords who have no intention to kill someone but with that way they make more money than killing someone". Look at the picture posted by Lesley -> on each map at the end many of the "top" are with zero, or few kills. Do you think your updates will change this ? I do not think. And I have not made any suggestion, you asked I answered you. Do not accept what I have said as a suggestion. The fact that you're trying to reduce the impact of everything else but pvp says it all. As I said you return back the meaning of pvp in pvp server slowly but surely. From a long time ago I know that it does not make sense to make any suggestions and that you need to see for yourself what is good and what not. In addition, I am sure that even you can not describe how the system works in details, I am sure that you do not know what will be the impact of updates, I know one for sure - people abuse this system. It was simple and stupid before - you make kills - you receive money. Now none knows what happens, but I know that none is happy to have all the time on target people with only defensive buffs with -12 str who do nothing. It is absurd for these people to get even 1 adena because they do nothing to deserve them !
  24. Who care about you ? I speak with you for first and last time --> you have some mental problems and none pay attention to you . People who visit this forum know you and those who are new quickly understand what kind of person they have to deal it. I do not care whether someone will read my post, I share my opinion --> Emerald quoted me and answered me --> I gave him details why I have such opinion. Whether he will read it and whether he will pay any attention to my words is his business. The server exist long time without me, will exist without me and I have no problems to play elsewhere. The post is directed only to Emerald but not to sick people
  25. I saw them it's better than previous seasons but still not enough for me( a matter of taste ) I will say my remarks: * Heal points will be given only when healing a party member. Having healer in pt gives advantage against others to these who have it. They have to pay to have this advantage by sharing the received adenas with healer. This was the case before and at least for me it is the only one. * Damage will now have more weight than debuffs. In my opinion damage should be the only one factor, people will keep abuse OL's, tanks and so on. * Players will now get 5 points for every pvp kill regardless of which event is running. I do not understand this system with points.... It was pretty simple and fair before -> you make kill --> you receive adena amount of which depends of your victim (lvl, gear etc.) * Reduced the points per second players get in Domi/KOTH/Escort maps from 5 to 2. Again this points system which is unnecessary. By reducing these points you will not stop people to make takns just to stay alive in domination zone etc. I understand the existence of these maps but just to determine the winner at the end who will rewarded with something small. * Reduced the points per second players get in Fort maps from 5 to 3. These maps were one of my favorites ( with town maps ). I miss their old style when some people played to pray in order to receive one box as reward. So much free and easy frags .....I am sure everyone who like titan also miss the old style of these maps * Players can decide how to order their toplist (by score or by kills). It is necessary to give such a choice? All spoilers, tanks, people who do not play for pvp will vote for score and as I know they are a lot. * Top kills will also get top player point and an extra box of luck (no double rewards). And the top player by point will receive reward because he does nothing ? * Support classes cannot cast spells on other friendly support classes anymore (heal/recharge/res and such). Well made. The best new feature for sure ! Congratulations, with small steps you will return the fans of pvp back to the server ! * Subclasses will now cost 500 Adena to create, first subclass will be free. That does not matter to me. Almost all play with 2 classes max. If someone wants third just will make new char. * Reduced abit the adena gain from doing objectives in some maps. Should be 0(zero) Adena should be received only by pvp (and at the end of the map as small reward for your participation with the condition you spent at least some time) * Improved the formula to gain adena from doing PvP. I do not know what is improved so I ca not comment. In general I can say what I would like to see: - As I said adena to be received only from pvp (for assist is subject to discussion but in most faction servers that ever exist the reward receive only the person who made last hit) - If spoilers want adena then go and kill someone ! L2 in general is pvp game ( for me l2 has the best pvp), the main target of the game is to kill something (other player, rb, mob) in order to receive something. If you can not kill something then you should have 0(zero). I am very much opposed to pleasing people who are starting to play on completely pvp based server with spoilers and want to be rewarded somehow ! It has always been annoyed me that someone who does nothing is more rich than few people from top by pvp list ! - Wanna be "agro bot" ( a term that appears here , you should not be proud with this) find pt and people who will share their reward with you ! People will not do this( at least not so often, there are always sick people who like this...) if they do not receive reward. - Same for healer + some nerfs in order to give chance to people who have not healer in their pt. - Same for all supports. Supports are most important characters in low rate servers, they die hard but they kill hard. I can not understand people who want to play support on pvp server but if I were you I would ignore any wishes of people who ask for SWS, BD, etc. and tanks who expect to be killers. If you fail in low rate server this is almost always due to lack of support. It is not normal, all in low rate servers want to be DD but here all want to be support ! And when these who want to be DD come in server like this, surprise, the support is again more important In low rate if you want to kill faster and easier you need support but you have to share the drop with him. If you do not share the drop you will rise slower, you will watch the pvp from away. This game is full of people who have never been in full pt in their life but they claim to know everything to the smallest detail by reading in web and watching from away. These are usually the people who talk the most(you had such persons, thanks to the god they almost all left this forum) . The same should be here, each support can help you to make much more kills, sometimes more than twice. Where is the problem for 4 DD to share the drop with 1 support ? Now support receive separated reward(some time bigger than others) because he helps to few people to get more and more money and they pay noting for this advantage. Seems unfair to me.... Think about my words, I am sure you will find some true in them as I am sure many thinks and want the same as me.