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  1. hahahaha, don't bother dude, I already reported it.
  2. to get 5k adenA? XD I think you have master degree in marketing
  3. Tell me what's the point of this feature? SO that everybody could get mantras? not even participating on epics??, guess what... they can buy them from other players... but getting 1k mantra from a kill instead of 1k adena it hurts your soul. Dunno what's the good from this feature but I dont think it ever has been good. I play here since day 5 maybe, and I never felt this feature is good, #1 you get really low amount of mantra from this, which means it wont get you any epic at all... #2 you dont get adena, which you could spend buying an actual epic for that. #3 you don't even get mantra that u need, only random.. which is even worse cause it makes 2x less worth of it. #4 adena is waaaaaaaay more valuable than this mantra, even at the early start.. you can choose what to buy with adena...
  4. remove this feature it's useless .. I have like 500k mantra and there are no newbies to sell them epics, because everyone sells the epics for 0 adena. And this is just negative value for kills... you get nothing for a kill... JEEZ, just listen to good suggestions... Or give an option to actually turn it on/off if you reallY REALLY WANT TO Keep this trash feature...
  5. I suggested that before, GM told me to sell the weapon to gift shop for 0 adena and then buy a dynasty one XD
  6. PePeR


    Maybe add an option to GM shop to upgrade from S grade to dynasty for a fee? I just got an item from Raidboss and I can't even sell it, but the dynasty version would really be useful for me.
  7. I've been telling emerald to do changes at the end of the season like 10 times already. KEK
  8. Technically, cancel is not a buff. nor debuff. Cele blocks all buffs/debuffs
  9. I honestly think this is bad idea... There is 10% to get random mantra from an enemy just killed (instead of Adenas). But I feel like this is worse than getting Adenas... Especially at late stage of the server. You have all epics and u still getting the mantras... whenever I get mantras instead of adena It just feels bad... If you really don't want to remove this feature, maybe you should consider reworking it, so it would give for example 100 adena and extra 100 random mantra. Rather than giving no adena at all...
  10. or maybe just don't move when you spawn? this way you are immune to damage?
  11. LOL? are you serious? so you want to make this map even less friendly for meele characters? XD joke