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  1. Kerrigan


    you might as well reduce it to 3 and remove any class restrictions 😃
  2. Kerrigan


    Learn to play PePeR
  3. Kerrigan

    Outdated shops

    Played that server too 😃 Saw him moving in town few minutes ago 🙂
  4. Kerrigan

    Heal abuse?

    I don't see any poll....
  5. ofc... most people don't donate.... so yeah ... those 10 donate more than 100 others 🙂
  6. He donates every season as far as I know .... might be a good reason to unban him after a while to keep the income constant ... just saying 😃
  7. gtfo troll. Thanks! Yup, I know that server and that feature was neat.... this would actually help a lot everyone, finding lower prices and everything that you need without loosing time checking stupid shops with stupid titles or stupid prices.
  8. Kerrigan

    Heal abuse?

    nice skill bar
  9. Kerrigan

    Auction house

    As expected..... Probably in Grand Crusade ... because there is nothing available like that on lower chronicles and probably too hard for Emerald to do.
  10. It keeps happening every season ... hopefully will be fixed forever 🙂
  11. Kat been rolling that dice since forever .... It's fun!