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  1. Digicult

    Farm Zone

    Its not about that Chev, look I know the top spots if I see someone I go to another room but depend on the spawn you need to pass the spot and even if you dont hit the mobs, clearly showing you only want to pass, people see rank 1 and see a free kill. Also if you dont die by running they follow you out of the spot just to make sure that person dies. Plus how do you expect new players to know the top spots? They will only find this out after they already died a couple times or not at all because they stopped going there. I rather let them farm in peace, ask them to leave the room instead of killing truly new people. I rather have them enjoy their time so they stay and the season last longer. Dont get me wrong, it is a pvp zone after all and I know how to deal with it since I played a lot of seasons. But it is true that pure new comers, that never played the server before, could have a hard time in that zone. Since Devilz requested a change, I only threw in a suggestion on how this could be changed.
  2. Digicult

    Farm Zone

    Well its a pvp zone so everyone is free to attack, if you want to protect newbies there should be either another zone with gear & level restriction so older players cant join and pk new players with lower gear or make new chars to stack them and pretend to be a new player. OR dont change anything and hope for people to be respectful and let new people farm (most people wont do this).
  3. Not really sure what your comment has to do anything with what you just quoted from my post.
  4. People that join faction servers (actually its for very server type) on a later stage should know that they will get recked in pvp. Catching up is fairly easy here. I started to "play" last friday/saturday casually as I'm busy I planned to actually not play at all this season, so far I played 23 events (according to the rank manager) and gathered 50k adena, alot of mats/parts, which I think is quite decent for new comers. The only thing that makes me a little sad to see is that everybody plays archers, followed by mages, tyrants/glads, healers and only a few tanks, while h5 is known as a tank chronicle. Also I barely see soulhounds, only tricksters, sad to see that ovc people always decide to play the same classes over and over again doesn't matter which chronicle it is.
  5. Thanks, tototally forgot about that feature
  6. Am I blind or is there no Freight Warehouse in the H5 beta server?
  7. If you can't kill a b grade dagger with that gear, then idk....better play some other class than archer.
  8. Getting caught on a "dead" server hurts, doesn't it?
  9. Lmao! Like thats the reason the pop drops right? That's like saying delete Archers, Mages and Daggers. You will never find a faction server where a complete class is deleted/inactivated whatever you wanna call it. Bishops have received adjustments and they are good as they are now. To name a some big ones GvE and RvB were lasting longer and that without deleting bishops...heck even SE and EE had a purpose there. God damn, all the QQers about bishops.
  10. Good old times where I could play my main class in l2, which is EE, love that class. R.I.P.
  11. Digicult


    Hes prolly on it, I would assume as he just dislikes to answer I guess. When I reported that I could heal pets outside of party and did not know if its intended or should not possible, he didnt answer as well but did change it as you can see on the change list. Although a reply "Thanks for reporting I will fix it" would have been appreciated.
  12. Every End of map this guy shouts: "Without healer +0 bow" Every map he keeps shouting: "FRAPSED Kat!" I think he wants some cookies.
  13. Current QQ turn: Daggers Next QQ turn: Vote now!
  14. Perma ban? You can't call this perma as the ban is for the current season, learn from it and be different in the next season. Perma ban would be if Emerald doesn't let people to play any other season. Would be nice if @Emerald could have a look at it, because ingame everybody including randoms know who those scripters are.
  15. I can give you an example from yesterday evening my time, he streamed being duo with Stricken as SPH not even on OL. So no support was in the party and there multiple other times.