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  1. Excuse me. I have read most of topics but i should have miss that. And you are perfect man. I cant wait for opening h5.
  2. In c6 ovc prices decreased to a price that you decide and also when you decide. Im talking about a dynamic system. Changing prices every day according to buy&sale counts of them in a reverse ratio. İm also offering that nm robe and dc robe set will have difference prices. Thats just a theory ofcourse. İ dont know is it possible to make. Something like free market economy. My english isnt pretty good. Maybe i cant explain my idea well enough. But i hope you understood what i mean.
  3. I offer stock marketing system on gm shop. Firstly i should explain players should be able to sell their items to gm shop. Basic logic is same with real stock market. when players buy some thing from gm shop price of it will increase and if they sell any item to gm shop its price will decrease. That will make new comers having better items easier and it ll make harder opening difference with other players. For example early starters wants to buy a grd items but they cant go so fast because of price increasment. And when they start to trying to get s grd equipments they will sell a grd ones this time prices will be decreased and new comers will have a grd easier. Maybe it can contain player shops if its able to make. İts open to discussion. İ think its an offer that you should consider.