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  1. REcipe of success --> change to the faction that havent got fucked by the system, nice
  2. Soulka

    sqrt damage

    LeTs MoDiFy ThE AoE DmG InStEaD oF pUtTiNg SoMe CoOlDoWn
  3. yes and BTW you drop your fake ass fuking trash face, oh everything is perfect oh this emerald is doing good that good blablabla, why i didnt hear it when u got fucked in the ass by rheager and hombres contionusly? You even begged for him to take you in cuz u couldnt win, and now that the whole system is fuking trashs and you happened to be on the favored side u suddenly act like a fuking angel.
  4. okay i shouldnt blame the server where most of the epics were 55+ 45-% in count and gear for chaos side, ye we are so shit what a shame. also having twice the epics on the first week, yo uare totally right kappa
  5. elo system won the server u just happened to be on the lucky side, and order got too much elo cuz we were far far far superior than u, but elo system said hold up let me add 20 more ppl to chaos. so ye u are still nothing and havent achieved shit on ur own when u had competition
  6. Soulka


    yes mantras are the best solution, it was the elo which killed the server. Who wanna get full epic in 1 day go and play some 999999999x server
  7. nop, or yes if you join chaos side
  8. he meant if u have 3 characters on 1 account
  9. Soulka


    delete this dumb elo system, keep only the gear and numbers
  10. u know what else allowed? blocking ppl using skill by sending them friendrequest, so fuking good
  11. Soulka


    orgazined=zerg ok mate i guess thats what u learnt in koof vs shits server easy to tal kwhen u have 2x more number on epics, u little twat
  12. Soulka


    Luffy=server confirmed he is the guardian of all epics omegalul
  13. mvp this season is ELO