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  1. zNd

    Balance on team

    How about for once go Observe it yourself ??? There's a reason why H5 didn't last long. It's about to happen here to mark my words, I'll be back to remind you of it when It happens and when it happens to make my point and hopefully a damn "SCREENSHOT" Won't be neccessary.. over&out
  2. zNd

    Balance on team

    The last Ovc, made it till 2nd heroes and closed. Interlude one, is hitting a home rune. Will it make it till 2nd heroes. Who knows.
  3. zNd

    Balance on team

    5mins ago, Oren. 6 Green, 25 Reds. Gratz, over and out
  4. zNd

    Balance on team

    and @Emerald hasn't acknowledge that there's a topic regarding this , nor made any statement yet. Yes unfortunately It does get better.
  5. Kai the Cat Does it have a lifespan? It literally dissapears after 1.5 minutes and you must resummon him everytime. Please look into it, otherwise It does not make sence and Olympiad will be completely unplayable due to pet dissapearing every minute.
  6. zNd

    Soul hound landrates

    Soul of Pain does extremely low damage. On average 350-400 damage on majority of people with 150 attributed weapon. Now in compare of others, Glads, Tyrants, Mages, etc its extremely low. @Emerald , Maybe take a look into this and maybe increase slightly the Soul of Pain damage by 10%~?.
  7. zNd

    Soul hound landrates

    It is strange. SLH is nerfed to the ground, you kid's havent seen a retail like SLH. Stop crying bonecheck and learn the l2p mechanics
  8. zNd

    Test server

    In your wildest dreams.