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  1. Any alt link to download client? all google are down and mega has band limit
  2. Anyway at least we have something emerald will make it work
  3. Took you that long? They say BRAZILS but greeks IQ in this server is -200 Funny u guys never win nothing since 2016, and then (4 years later) come with all this bragging... i'll take notes Anyway gz luffy and other GREEK clowns, u can take this 150$ bucks of event to save ur damn economy broke since 1700 BB brazil out
  4. Full dejavu of 2016.., guys who come before opening talking alot like this always fail just funny they now know how to use gifs and have some kind of lucid dreams about pasts that never existed just go chaos if u think u are so good, anyway the purpose of this topic just like almost all recent topics are gone into trash talk.. u guys have nothing better to do? bb
  5. Gonna be luffy new best friend!
  6. Go chaos abc I wanna see ur cp in action so badly
  7. I'll bring a army of brazillians in quarantine from all the x50000 servers around u better be prepared
  8. Go chaos and u'll see ur theory being tested
  9. I will join order as u guys is bullshting me everywhere here, forum pms, discord for a whole damn week to go order and then u ask to switch? QQ noobs
  10. This just cause ur cp? rolfmao everyone leave the plane hulk just joined
  11. Lesley


    By the way, we are going order. (SURPRISE? LEL) Wish to all a great season. Most amazing changes ever made just happened, expecting a long lasting one.
  12. Lesley


    Hello nabs, since this looks kinda dead and I use it as archive here are all BadHombres videos in L2OvC till this date! Enjoy!!! #SEASONHYPE https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bS1-HpMLnrk destru 2018 - MY FAVORITE! xD https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RSO3czWagXs destru 2018 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sHDKMk5yyco lesley 2019 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1VYVk7vZSOA moualope 2019
  13. I wanna play dagger with doom robe set, if not can take this out already QQ
  14. Lesley


    for blackmamba, blackjesus (blackmamba's dad if u missed this lore) and all the black's family!
  15. Lesley


    WOW LMAO I just realized that counter going Is it the IL goodbye or we gonna have a surprise? #savethedate
  16. Lesley


  17. Also create double adena hour event just like with double xp, for periods of night when low ppl online
  18. AND give a clear positioning of interface use - what can u have, what u can not Start using prison to give players penalty, instead of ban
  19. Imo reduce adena scroll boost by another 25% disable all s84 drops till the 1st craftable weapon of that kind has been created (same for armor).. make jewels obtained by those drops non tradable, non sellable to players (still can sell to npc) make only possible to have 1 castle or fort, and make the time of siege different for each to make it possible for latinos/americans gmt obtain it make raid boss spawn non-random.. announce it on forum at least for the 1st month... most epics these season spawn at worse gmt possible make olympiad cycle 2 weeks make siege after the 2nd week create more accurate map voting system to avoid large maps when low ppl lower requeriments of kills/top/assists for support classes to rank up fix tyrant damage/hp/pdef/mdef boost starting gear after some time server has been up ++ for shard system - after 10 baiums u attented u can get 1 baium ring by shards, or sell it to other players