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  1. Develop more mini events like battlefield, guardians, deathmatch, etc, and increase time to 10 minutes. Imo russian roullete, simon says, CS, battle royale, hunting grounds and some others are great events but does not fulfill the purpose of a L2 pvp server. They are funny and chill but atm a waste of adena scroll time. More importantly, Server lifespan is dropping hard season after season. In the past we had seasons of 1mo+ with decent player base, never seen that anymore in the past years. I honestly have no idea why is it happening but it does need some change, a real change. Fix summoners damage / atk spd bug (JW and other random summoner can talk better about it). Fix geodata pathing. Find new solutions to be playing something besides events 24/7. Elaborate detailed guides of custom features. Hire some1 or something for player support regularly in game. This season we had a clan with naz1 flag and literally nothing happened. The server have a code of rules, is anyone checking from time to time if everything is OK? Try to understand why and when people quit. Best wishes
  2. oommmgi plizzz open new season i dont have nothing else to do with my life pls! new season! pls!!!! tip: my 1month vacation at work starts in july
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    Mages will also start with arcane power hitting C grade jewels
  4. Ive played for a decent time this season, enough to test all the recent changes and I can say quality/ well being of players in general have been greatly improved. Agree 100% with N2B that all that needs to be done now is increasing lock time of gear for a couple more days, and also start of olympiad cycle. Agree too about the lack of guides to new system. Maybe you could give 1 point of ability, element and stats as a small “tutorial” before new players choose their faction. Overall pretty happy with the server, those who still think its “1 week server” are still living in 2020 BB
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    Hello is it possible to provide a patch with retail interlude interface? ty
  6. Imo thinking long term, it is more about people getting bored of the cycle of maps and events, which not considering farm zone and other etcs, either youre playing map or doing nothing. Could have some matchmaking pvp system for 1v1s, 3v3s and so on that could be actually be worth going instead of playing event I feel the map rotation got worse somehow over these years, the maps repeat with more frequency and the maps itself are always pretty much the same, maybe you could apply cicle of maps changing every week or something, 3-4 packs of rotations. Before we used to have some more KOTHS and other type of maps that would actually be maps that u need to think about strategy and stuff, people would have to move the faction zergs and fight for spots. ATM you see CTF's that most dont care at all, so you have the people fighting and a pack just taking flags for 30 minutes. Domination maps that are a big square in the center of nothing, etc.. Also a fact I noticed is that in the 1st day after some hours the balance of factions is like 54% to 46% or something, meaning new people can only join that faction which most of the time is getting crushed. Need to refine better this intial start balance, worse it is early, worse it will be late game. About new changes: I played for like 2 days this past season, didnt got long but the changes to olympiad are pretty good it seems. Im just not so much confortable about stat boosts mostly in interlude this is not something u can mess alot since some classes can benefit more or less from 1 boost in relation to another
  7. No easy solution my friend. I can feel your pain. Best of luck
  8. Lesley

    Waking Scroll

    kat rolling dices with hero rod spamming waking scrolls classic
  9. Exactly this. I also noticed that, it’s annoying.
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    what else do u have to do besides buy & hold? excuses not to play with luffy
  11. Anyway, hope is fixed. Else i'll roll a spoiler and fuck y'all
  12. Sadly, if true. I noticed stabs started missing alot after some movements changes were implemented. Maybe its a side affect or smthing.
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    YUP, going CHORDER side
  14. This was happening alot on past seasons after some tweaks, pw/aw missing SO SO many stabs with focus death that adv (the most shit class before) became the only viable dagger considering the old a grade start full of mages and archers. It makes no sense to have to melee hit someone and have % miss or low dmg, where a guy can hit u from 800-900 range 3x more, hope this is fixed
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    @Emerald Whats ur opinion in this subject?
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    so.... another good topic going rip?
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    just let everyone join and make it class based
  18. Voted for B start just cause without dynasty season life will be very short considering only S gear to craft. Kinda agree with BOG that to vote with 100% information would be useful to know how balance issues would be handled in each setup.
  19. I sadly agree with this said, I guess whenever a new system is developed it really needs some deep validating and thinking before implementation. Think of every possible flaw, leave it be, think again, and think and think and then apply something to game. IMO its is mostly time to focus on what is already obviously more sucessful than every other ovc which is interlude, try to really fix the most important stuff that make it fail after some time which is clan balance in factions / faction balance in general and what people have to do after reaching S grade Full boss. (maybe thats the time when dynasty should be implemented in game? + make geodata real real good, idk, invest in some other interlude l2 off pack whatever... this is where all the efforts should be in my opinion. + fix faction balance , implement some system beyond having to stay in town 5 hours waiting to join the faction all your friends are in + develop procedures/strategy/validation for all developed and to be implemented features, ask community about it - if henchman would be more discussed on forum with whoever might be interested and not -100 IQ people(make group with people that wanna do that, you dont have to follow every order, its consulting, not dictating) it wouldnt have that amount of possible flaws since season start. + fix all the suggestions that people did in the past that may would be a good addition and got denied (things that didnt made sense back then and may make sense now) I can understand that most likely henchman was introduced to fix one of the issues which is faction balance and solo players x clans but it really needs some more testing. In the end, what im trying to say is that we really need to fix this seasons that fail either cause something was already reported or some new feature that havent been proper validated. People get bored eventually of all this crying on forum and bug reports popping every season, people crying on forum cause of some feature like this is not normal. Maybe cause its PvP server, but even so.. BB