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  1. Lesley


    just let everyone join and make it class based
  2. Voted for B start just cause without dynasty season life will be very short considering only S gear to craft. Kinda agree with BOG that to vote with 100% information would be useful to know how balance issues would be handled in each setup.
  3. I sadly agree with this said, I guess whenever a new system is developed it really needs some deep validating and thinking before implementation. Think of every possible flaw, leave it be, think again, and think and think and then apply something to game. IMO its is mostly time to focus on what is already obviously more sucessful than every other ovc which is interlude, try to really fix the most important stuff that make it fail after some time which is clan balance in factions / faction balance in general and what people have to do after reaching S grade Full boss. (maybe thats the time when dynasty should be implemented in game? + make geodata real real good, idk, invest in some other interlude l2 off pack whatever... this is where all the efforts should be in my opinion. + fix faction balance , implement some system beyond having to stay in town 5 hours waiting to join the faction all your friends are in + develop procedures/strategy/validation for all developed and to be implemented features, ask community about it - if henchman would be more discussed on forum with whoever might be interested and not -100 IQ people(make group with people that wanna do that, you dont have to follow every order, its consulting, not dictating) it wouldnt have that amount of possible flaws since season start. + fix all the suggestions that people did in the past that may would be a good addition and got denied (things that didnt made sense back then and may make sense now) I can understand that most likely henchman was introduced to fix one of the issues which is faction balance and solo players x clans but it really needs some more testing. In the end, what im trying to say is that we really need to fix this seasons that fail either cause something was already reported or some new feature that havent been proper validated. People get bored eventually of all this crying on forum and bug reports popping every season, people crying on forum cause of some feature like this is not normal. Maybe cause its PvP server, but even so.. BB
  4. I really want OvC to succeed this year and give us the 2-3 months of day 1 population PvP we always dreamed of Theres so much rich content from early 2018 - late 2019 in many topics by all kind of players adressing the exact same issues we are having now, so it is time to take a big read for all those interested, see what have been implemented and worked or didn’t worked, see what could have been implemented and didn’t. IMO I don’t care if we have 3 months of no season just for development with 10 betas. I just want to get this stuff fixed once and for all this year. It’s the final deadline. BB
  5. I kinda agree with what is being said about dagger considering other experiences I had in 2020. Bluff rate is really really low ( to turn) and almost 0 as stun. Blinding blow same, very rare turns I was really expecting the geodata issues fixings to make it better somehow, I really noticed that some work had been done (for better or worse) but now instead of running endlessly to catch enemy u get stuck in a corner for 1-2 secs what somehow made a worse experience overall Archer issue is pretty much a risk and return thingy (besides that IL has always been dominated by archers - but lets forget this for a sec). Archer is the class that have the biggest range in game, so it can’t really have the biggest damage comparing same level of gear. So limit to infinity and everyone rerolls to archer, Pvp get boring, server dead. One thing that really got me when I started playing here 5 or 6 years ago was the big class diversity server had, we could see summoners and spoilers and almost all support classes in a pvp faction server which was amazing. I have to admit that in these past years much have been improved and as active member of this forum I can really say that everything purposed / approved/ implemented in game was a result of much discussion from players that really like this server and the community aiming always for more and more succes, but also much of the essence that made L2 OvC a big hit and reference in modern L2 gve days have slowly been lost from season to season. It’s really great to see new people joining this boat, but really it’s not that simple. It’s not just cause of archers, or cause heroes in 1st week, or cause of geodata, or this or that. Almost everything have been reworked and worked again, we get more and more players at start over time but the fate is the same, and sadly in the past years with some rare exceptions, everytime shorter. Lets take 2021 to really try to change that once and for all - just gotta figure out how. About the recent change in economic system it was really time for goodbye to progressive gameplay and inflation, there’s really no need for 2 systems as long gear depended rewards do their job correctly. Shadow items for newbies should be really a good thing. For me still the same, we need to have harder and slower progression, lower chances or lower drop rates of enchants, LS and now mantras. About faction balance it’s already common sense that there must be a better organization of clans, or else, having a 3rd faction or even more. We used to do some organization in the background with leaders but really it’s not something u can count on every season. Many old clans as for example of Hombres itself start orgazing very late prior to server opening, since we are always the same people etc etc. There was times I joined with 5 old members and ended up having 2 clans. So u can’t really rely on clans to balance the server themselfs. There has to be some kind of system or more randomness to the faction selection process. I really liked the idea that someone posted these days about item progression, but I would also suggest a lvl progression and rank so for example at week 1 max lvl would be 75 with 25 rank (random numbers) along with some change to gracia final or hellbound when everyone is full geared. Happy new year to all, hope good seasons for all of us in 2021 BB
  6. Lesley


    Long time ago I suggested and I say it again : start using jail for 4hours ~ 6hours for racism, scams, and all other minor stuff that happens here Ive played another server this year and i really noticed the difference in how the community behaves, there are some very good ppl here but the bad ones are really bad
  7. my idea is: newbie have a choice. he either can pvp with other newbies in a area restricted to them with regular weps and get no bonus for gear or they can get some shadow weapons and armor enchanted and pvp with geared players getting adena bonus for gear diff
  8. add another zone for newbies to lvl add a small arena for newbies to pvp each other till rank 15 (obv they can choose to play events) add shadow +6 a grade items and +7 weapon usable only on regular maps not on newbie arena (in case they choose to pvp with everyone else)
  9. agree with lovehate that the incentives for winning event is much lower compared to just standing and killing people and also agree that if the meaning of this buff is help the faction to win the event is pointless giving buff for high stacked players that care less for objective and just camp spawn on every fortress map. IMO it should be removed and maybe apply some boost for the one that is given when u die too much bonus for winning event should also be reworked, maybe give adena boost along with box of luck, or give more boxes of luck according to the player score in that event. server should avoid having incentives for players to behave like every event is TvT and that whats happen currently in both order and chaos it also should not have alot of incentives to have 1000 tanks camping pony on escort maps, so all i believe lovehate is saying and i also agree is that the current parameters of this so called incentive should be tweaked to some other point where objective is more rewardful than just running and pvping but not way too much so objective abusers dont start popping everywhere instead of god buff abusers. bb
  10. Lesley


    lmao lemme fix ur text:
  11. Lesley


    alot but doesnt mean its not true
  12. Lesley


    😑😑 😑 where are rhagear's 3 ppl playing in the same account holding order? playing in chaos is easy. hold W. wanna see carrying playing in order.
  13. Lesley


    dagger damage is broken. focus death doing 500 dmg on stabs
  14. Lesley

    killing spree

    Used to work like this, i dont know if something changed.
  15. 1 post already saying such things lmao prob some fake account of those who buy discord invites for 50 cent to a new upcoming videogame that im playing Kappa