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  1. ++ since u can share gear with mail no account share would block this kind of stuff
  2. This is a good feature not for the money reward itself but for being something different in the forever-going event cycle IMO it could be up since start so people get used to it, giving mat/part boxes and etc items to winners of each match, and then in the end of X week period the best 3-5 teams get invited to the real championship and then u could make a money prize, open some stream on twitch, make big announcement etc. I doubt rly after 2-3 weeks of server there will be 64 teams of people. Sophie I know u guys are the most active group atm and u may be the one that get most upset about stuff, but u gotta see that this is a private l2 server and in the end its a GAME! Everyday u at forum opening a thousand topics saying everything is wrong and bla bla bla... pls give a break! Emerald is doing a great job in the recent past and i see nowhere in his replies that hes mistreating u or anyone. Its just a different POV. Best regards
  3. Since aden siege today im getting a insane amount of criticals with the same message above l2.exe freezes for 30 secs - 1minute and then this crit mess shows up
  4. U come to a pvp server, open a topic qqing cause u cant play tank in pvp? pls quit already
  5. I tho of 25 cause its the rank required for nobless But 20 is fair enough too
  6. Hello Whats the current max rank to invite a player to academy? Maybe its best to set academy till 25 rank or so.. TY
  8. Bots already up ? or only 31?
  9. As said l also think the new rank system is just fine, with the tweak on raid bosses this season it got much more easier and fair for everyone. I would just suggest taking the goals which are more individual-oriented (like killing spree, kills, killing streak) and make it in a more reward-based way (harder to lvl fast, but more worthy rewards), and those which are more objective oriented, like score and raids, to be the ones that everyone will use to get their books 1st (make them easier compared to individual oriented, with less reward but faster leveling)
  10. My 50 cents of the classic situation: Daggers are indeed broken comparing to all other seasons balance Need to start in C grade since max is A Need to integrate missions and vote items and dailys rewards and archivments in reward panel (may be work alot client side as already said, but i have seen other servers apply it and is perfect for faction pvp servers). Atm either ppl have to check alot of npcs, or to scroll down alot and read alot of stuff to get everything. Free Talismans, runes, bracelets and jewels should be avaiable from the minimum level, compound should be enabled. Rune crafting and trading is part of the classic game just like elemental stones used to be in gracia Need to develop some system that allows players to keep playing and getting reward despite of dead maps in population.. like standalone 1v1, 2v2s or whatever would keep people from logging off when main event is dead
  11. oh nice cant wait to try that
  12. Any alt link to download client? all google are down and mega has band limit
  13. Anyway at least we have something emerald will make it work