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  1. Shou

    Epics score board

    I ask for this before the opening and as always was a "non sense" idea
  2. Shou


    Hmm how about NO s grade ( no mats- no récipes- no enchants) not event in shop so ppl wont see prizes. for the first 2 weeks? So we Will be in A grade and untill that time we can begin to prepare for s grade. Also i remember a long time ago for get s grade u need mantras also iff im not wrong. well you can do the same now like some ítems by ranking up or by killing dr. chaos, drop from raids, etc.
  3. Shou

    Newbi boxes

    Since its hard for a newbi to begin 1 week after opening, how about give a rune of 48 hours x new char+ 1 FOR IP (for stop abusing ppl to farm with it). also full b grade +4 and +6 wepon + 1 book divine inspiration+ lvl78, So in that way they Will have more chance to begin atm. Just an idea, iff i was about to begin today and i saw all ppl full i even think about it.
  4. Shou


    maybe stop going with ur Cp with AOE clases all the time Will help also.
  5. First time i saw that many glads/tyrants in the begining of ovc history. my sugestion reduce delay of aoe skills IN EVENTS for glads and tyrants before its too late .
  6. Shou

    Raids time

    Can we have "time left respawn time" in game? not just the screen that says "dead or alive". I mean AQ- ALIVE Baium-Dead- Respawn time: 12:05:00 Antharas- Dead- Respawn time: 3:25:00 Valakas- Dead- Respawn time: 00:55:00 Etc.. Im telling this bcuz not everyone have clan or would be online most of the time for epics. so in this case everyone can have an idea of respawn time and try to be online.
  7. Shou


    Theres any chances to put the hi5 hats/mask in this interlude version? can be expensive or same prize idk but it would be nice.
  8. Shou

    No Bishop

    Well thats no the point. The thing is 1 healer like a PP or a EE that dont heal that much or even a Bishop that only can heal ONE target. this for events OFC. For sieges well or epic boses we can still same way...
  9. Shou

    No Bishop

    The point of what im saying is to have 1 healer x person and not a healer for a pt. so no OP Partys killing everyone.
  10. Shou

    No Bishop

    Hey, this is an opinión for future seasons not for this one. Delete Bishops-EE-SE. make the only way to heal been OL-PP. Iff youre not sure of this opción next time make a beta of like 6 hours. Could be a good idea or a dumb idea but at least we can try it out.
  11. It keeps happening. for example im on town now and cant move.
  12. I just do that, i let you know.