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  1. good idea. the destruction of the adena increase and price reduction will get rid of the star wars weapons. only reason there were so many was because enchant scrolls were so cheap. I like the major arcana boost thing, but if you change shyeeds to slow, that would kill nukers early game i think.
  2. this world is filled with soyboys now in 2020. people getting offended by words in l2 lol
  3. I've read it 4 times and still don't understand what you're saying. So I can't tell whats true or not.
  4. how drunk were you when you typed this?
  5. Scaretactic


    This occured after olympiad period. It seems like the server restart messed it up because finally after like the 12th event, one epic spawned and after that, it was working just fine. What is the current setting? 3 or 5 events before epic raid spawns??
  6. Scaretactic


    I recommend making it max 3 events without epic raid showing. Its been 4 hours since server launch and the only raid has been core.
  7. Exactly, you literally have these braindead idiots talking about limiting playtime and blocking account sharing lol. I thought I had seen it all, but I guess not.
  8. You sound like a socialist/communist.
  9. I watched some random stream and some PR was critting newbies for 7-8k damage with 1k atk speed lol. Element stone/crystal being cheap is mandatory imo.
  10. I agree, this mantra from kills is so pointless.
  11. In Mojo's fantasy world, its possible.
  12. mojo you were one of the idiots last season spamming AOE with celestial. clearly a nerf of some sort was necessary. the path emerald took was the wrong one and as i said many times, a nerf to celestial was all that was needed or damage while in celestial.
  13. @PePeR instances doesnt work because the server doesnt have enough players. On launch day there is like 100-120 players max, thats not enough to break apart in instances.