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  1. got to love balance systems that reward players for being bad at the game
  2. I am also not making a clan this season, we are 5-6 people and will play with friends in BadHombres on order if in doubt, go chaos
  3. slush


    more accurate representation:
  4. slush

    Melee Maps

    +1 on that tho talking island territory battlefield is another terrible one
  5. slush

    Melee Maps

    why do you want to remove this map? its one of my favorites edit: nvm realised you wrote territory and not town which explains it
  6. slush

    Melee Maps

    lower forge of the gods - domination or tvt monastry of silence main room - battlefield all castles as tvt events valley of saints barakiel spawn - domination archaic lab - tvt beast farm main tower - domination
  7. slush

    Melee Maps

    +1 remove blazing swamp/antharas lair/cave of trials
  8. Its the same for all daggers, TH just has it the worst because they dont have focus death
  9. don't get mad when you clearly misunderstand game mechanics boy
  10. i think you are confused because i wasn't arguing whether tattoos are better for mages/healers or for archers you are probably correct in saying are. imo tho mages/healers become pretty shit really early and the extra tankiness keeps them relevant, if this wasn't the case the server would just be full of archers/daggers after 1 week. my whole point is that 50 mdef is better in general than 150 pdef because mdef itself, per point, gives more defense against magic damage than pdef does against physical damage. you need to stop looking at server balance as 1v1s between nukers and archers and look at the bigger picture, all tattoos do is decrease the damage that everyone does which does benefit squishy classes (mages/healers) but there isn't anything wrong with that imo
  11. because of the different way pdef and mdef reduce damage from magical/physical, with obviously completely made up numbers here is roughly how it works, Example: Person A has 1200 mdef, Person B has 1300 mdef, Both people get hit by the same nuker spell Person A takes 1.5k damage per nuke Person B takes 1.2k damage per nuke almost 20% reduction for just 100 mdef Example 2: Person A has 1200 pdef, Person B has 1300 pdef Both get crit by the same archer Person A takes 3k damage per normal attack crit Person B takes 2.8k damage per normal attack crit ~9% decrease for 100 pdef Obviously this is just one example and it depends on the situation but on this server especially with the amount of nukers on the server mdef is almost always better. pdef just doesn't scale as well as mdef. It also probably depends on what your mdef/pdef values are already, if you have 2.5k mdef 50 wont make much of a difference