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  1. Dear Players, Interlude Season has just begun ! Good hunting to everyone !
  2. Dear Players, We are glad to announce that the server is now OPEN ! Enjoy Classic !
  3. Dear Players, The server is now ONLINE ! We wish you all happy hunting 🙂
  4. Dear players, 2023 first season has just started ! We wish you all good luck and great hunting !
  5. The server has just opened ! We wish you all good luck and happy hunting !
  6. Dear Players! We are happy to announce a new season , coming on December 16th ! We have implemented a new Clan Entry system that will help players to join the clans they desire and clan leaders to manage their clan roster more efficiency ! More activities has been added such as sieges for clans, 3vs3 arenas and more... We hope this new feature to the game along side other features we recently added will make your game experience more FUN! Read more information : https://l2ovc.com
  7. Server is now online. we wish everyone happy holidays season and a lot of loot !
  8. Opening Day hasArrived !! Sharpen your swords ! Holiday Season will begin shortly.
  9. Dear Players ! We are glad to announce a new season will launch at September 2nd ! Get your friends and enemies to know about the great news ! We cant wait to see you in-game already.
  10. The server is up and new season has just strarted ! You may log in and pick your destiny. We wish you all happy hunting 🙂
  11. Dear players, We are glad to announce that the server is now open ! Good luck to everyone and we hope you enjoy this new season !
  12. The server is now open , good luck and have fun !
  13. Dear Players, The server is now Online you are free to log in and discover the new features we have added to the game we hope you enjoy these features and with you happy hunting !
  14. 30 Minutes left ! Let's go !
  15. We would like to introduce our new Features for season 28/01/2022! Watch the Video Below: New Feature: New Grand Bosses were added to the game Ability Tree System added New Elemental System New Stats System New Agathions Changed Olympiad & Daily Heroes Make sure you have joined our discord ! you can speak to us and make new friends 🙂 https://discord.com/invite/9ue65RTpMm