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  1. It is ok if it works like that but I've checked points from ppl that got Hero second day and their points don't restart after claiming or reloging having claimed
  2. Is it possible to accept just 1 bishop for every faction? I understand that Bishops go to the other faction in RB events for balance purposes, but the problem is that they have such an impact in these RB events and affect balance so much that they have the power to go play for the other faction, suicide and thus unbalancing the whole event, making almost a free win for their original faction
  3. I have also taken dmg many times with Celestial on
  4. Lots of ppl experiencing lag yesterday and also today, from europe, southamerica and northamerica Impossible to play with 2 sec delay
  5. As soon as I claimed hero my points restarted to 0 but the other competitors kept their score. Hours later they were still adding up to their score and I had to start from 0. Is this supposed to work like that?
  6. Yeah I try to promote the server at every Lineage 2 community that I know but I still don't understand how ppl don't like this server. Easily top 3 PvP svs out there. This is the only server that you actually get rewarded according to your influence on the map. Other 99% you won't get shit if you don't last hit and that is complete bullshit. Progress here is smoother and moer fair than at any other PvP, yet the Lineage 2 community is so dumb that they don't understand it.
  7. I hope it is Interlude. Srsly all servers out there are epic trash I can't wait any longer for a new OvC season
  8. As a regular player that stopped playing for more or less 2 years, my experience was that the pace of the server was too frenetic. I felt a little bit overwhelmed with the new content. Not because it is difficult to understand, but because of the very nature of the server: one event taking place to the next one with no time to digest the info. It occurred to me that first timers in the server would probably lose interest and fall behind faster and therefore quit. Maybe the community is losing here some good competitive players that would join more often a new season in OvC. And I think this has a direct impact on season longevity, since it is only the old regular players that make the seasons las longer. Therefore, I thought that maybe occational Beta openings before some seasons can help the newbies to get to know the server better, taste a little bit of endgame much faster and thus build more hype for the season to come. My suggestion on that matter would be for either everything regarding endgame to be instantly available or to multiply rates so endgame can be reached in 1 or 2 days max. I think in that way OvC may win the interest of new players that would join the stable community for at least a couple of years. In the end, it is just another idea to bring new players without modifying anything about the content of the server and my only hope is for this post to be helpful in any way. Cheers
  9. Please fix bishop. It is unplayable right now. I am using L2OvC provided patch and I get bugged half of the time I try to heal, cleanse or ress someone. It makes weird pathings and most of the time does executes no action at all
  10. LOL I've played bishop here for the last 5 years or so. If you think bishops are OP please do yourself a favour and play it. Then, you will see how much you can do for your pt, how much money you make and how much time you can actually play, since you can't enter an event or RB if 1 fking bishop is already in, no matter how many ppl is playing the event. Bishops were OP 5 years ago, they were hyper nerfed and it's been at least 2 years that they are unplayable. Crybabies don't know shit about this, they only want to critic bishops for 4k with their Peril +0 and will cry if a full archer critics them for 4k. Truth is nobody cares about balance in this server, the only thing you all care is playing for the winning side. Should you care about balance, you would change sides on day 2 when it is clear that all organized clans play for Chaos and you will try to counter that, but nobody does that because nobody here actually wants a challenge on their hands. There's not a single nerf or buff to any class that can fix your child like mind set.
  11. Cannot log in. Am I the only one?
  12. +1 Melee are weaker every season. Many melee players come to this sv because you can't play melee in 99% of IL servers. I really don't understand why ppl cries so much about dagger damage, titan, gk, gladi... They will fuck you in closed spaces, it is the way this game is intended to be. I don't cry if a mage fuck me in a range map. If you are stupid enough to stand inside a fortress with your DC sps don't complain about a melee rapping you. Mages are landing every fucking debuff they want, archers land every stun they shot, cancellation earases you 5 buffs 99% of the times it is casted, what else do you need to play a range class? And for those who go around repeating their "this is IL, why should I play anything else but a SPS or Necro" mantra I remind you: this server boasts of being a server where you can play almost any class because of the fair balance system. The goal here is to be available to play the classes you cannot in those stupid archer vs mages pvp servers.
  13. Ronaldinho Gaúchoooo meu amigo
  14. Sophie podrías votar porfa? Y si podes comunicarte con los hispanohbalantes y brasileros que conozcas y mandarles el post estaría muy bueno. Juguemos juntos o no, nos sirve a todos esto. Yo se que hay muchísima gente más que no vió este post. Debe haber al menos unos 40 jugadores latinos que juegan todas las season y estaría bueno que se hagan ver