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  1. most of the times top sps bro but thats not the point you have your opinion i have mine the difference is i am not 5 years old to insult and play smart have fun
  2. by the way you guys posting 2-4 maps with top mages you are soooo funny XD it depends on the map, the high or low activity, even if the parties have bp or not. just 2-3 pics with some mages on top list says nothing. But i must admit you are very good in propaganda you should be journalist. there are countless maps where top players are archers gladi and some tyrand 100+ kills XD. but well played you posted a pic and you think you crashed all the arguments. we just all gonna play archers boys no problem enjoy your game
  3. "we can even reduce the mcrit rate to 40 or 50%, from 75% maybe it is a bit too high of a nerf" thats what i say my friend 3-4 seasons now i dont say about archer range or damage thats all fine. i am sps i am a god damn nuker bro i receive 4k 5k on archer thats cool its legit but with 75% mcrit reduse i am not nuker i am a useless class that dies very easy got kited very easy(thats legit i say again) but i cant nuke how to nuke with -75% XD
  4. dude forget about the dmg archer will hit you hard on a dc robe thats a fact. Another fact its that 75% nerf on m.crit makes everyone to change into archer after 7-8 days. you are here a lot of seasons as i am you can have back your 12% damage!!! as long as mage have the m.crit back keep your range keep your damage give back the crit rate and we talk then 1spell out of 10 sometimes 1 spell out of 17!!! thats a joke if you cant accept it you either are ignorand or a liar and of story
  5. dude you kidding? if that is tha case give m.crit back send me features form 1 server that mages are so nerfed. we all played a lot of servers i have never seen that kind of nerf its a joke. -75% crit??? plus you can get 3 xeprt books and have +25 resist??? and still fighters claim is ballanced ?? seriously get your shit together
  6. we say this 3 seasons now the nerf on mages is rediculous mage receives dmg thats ok but also must do dmg. mages have 75% m.crit nerf so give back the crit on mages or remove form archers too its simple 1/17 hydro i had in a map and many times i get 3/3 crit from archers thats why the server is dead and only archers playing
  7. bro what you say it depands the target if the target was with black ore what you expect???
  8. JuBeR


    i wasnt sure about that i was wrong about the range
  9. JuBeR


    ok then my bad i dont claim to be an expert. But trust me on this we speak with other players and not the braindamaged ones...but players who really want to enjoy the game and not just to exploit the weaknesses. its pvp server that means almost custom make more classes usefull in pvp. i am not saying about the damage a mage receives from an archer 4k - 5k ok i am with a robe i get it thats fine. But bro i swear to god 75% reduce in m.cirt its CRAZY thats why every season after 6-7 days we become OvC archer wars. there is absolutely no reason to play mage thats my opinion you have something good here i hope we could just be able in maps to see more classes not 3-4 mages and 10 archers
  10. JuBeR


    Dude we play here 7 seasons we donate money we stream. we invite friends to join. We do this cause we like the server i am not your friend to support you otherwise. A post was deleted i have it on print screen and i was not dissrespectfull we can talk in private if you want. We give suggestion to improve the gameplay. Iam not here to make money i never sell anything i am here for the fun i am 30 years old. about the range we tested it in town and in event. 800 range archer and mage skills (hydro for example) mage moved 2 steps archer none. 17 spells last night without m.crit. Any way i wont argue anymore i try to improve the server cause its the only gve worth playing i have notthing else to win only to keep my self happy a little more :P. thank you for your time
  11. My last post was deleted for some reason... any way the archer range is longer then previous seasons but is not mentioned in changelist. 17 spells without m.crit last night not even care to record this i leave it here if this post wont be deleted like the last one of course XD
  12. Still remains my favourite gve server but 2 things. Balance needs improvements. 1st Maybe disable elo Balance and go only balance in numbers Tablet of information says all numbers are more powerful then elo... Second one more season 75% reduction in magic critical is TOO MUCH. top kills only by fighers like tyrant Gladi and archers 4/4 crits by archer and me as sps with perception lvl 3 valakas and pow sometimes 1/10!! Thats why now 11 days after the beginning half the server changed form mage to fighters class. Mages are way too nerfed.
  13. Hi all i apologize in advance if the topic i start is already answered but I couldn't find informations. Is there a post that we can see the details of the new server ? Like balance between chars drop rates weapons etc...?