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  1. These two people are the same person and plan 2char hero. I don't follow the server rules. Check your IP once! Punish wrongdoing.
  2. yamada

    shop gift

    We sell things that the player does not need to gift. In other words, it is with garbage. Items sold to gifts should be sold at the price sold. For example, sell to gift at 500A, the player buys the item at 500A. Be gentle to beginners! Nobody buys the goods currently sold in gift. If you do not move the economy, the game will not work!
  3. yamada

    rate up

    In the current situation, the economy will not be stable unless it is at least three to four times!
  4. yamada

    rate up

    It is a huge decline in people. Greatly increase all rates exp.adena.drop. If this situation continues, the economy such as buying and selling will also deteriorate. Also, the level of beginners and the purchase of equipment will become more difficult. Adena and drop such as domi and escort also need to be changed.
  5. 2020. I wish you a good year again! I wish you health and success!
  6. yamada

    Season ending event!

    I think it ’s a great idea. But I don't think it is acceptable I also said the same thing in the previous season, but it was not accepted. The person in charge is angry, despair, and disappointment because he does not think of anything. I will end this season and never return.
  7. Anythings you said is useless! Waste of time! Waste of money! It is not worth playing from the next season.
  8. You can't just watch it! Actually you can join the game and check the balance of all occupations. Understand why people are declining. Relapse prevention! It's not been a month yet (strong language) You are the president and take responsibility
  9. yamada


    Please change so that all BOSS can be subjugated with a small number of people! Please!
  10. yamada

    Return once

    Is it possible to initialize the correction of each occupation once? I feel unbalanced. I don't know much about hight five since this is my first time. How about cleaning everything once and making corrections from there? sorry! I'm not good english! Hideaki Yamada TEL=080-4965-4918
  11. yamada


    When there are many people, it is easy to spree. But when the number of people is small, it is difficult to do a bow. I want to exclude only spree.
  12. yamada


  13. yamada


    This damage can't be done by the opponent's armor. This damage is impossible with my armor! Something is wrong. Check out Phoenix knight!
  14. yamada


    Due to the phoenix night, the number of people has decreased. Very deadly.