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  1. person is 0 I'm in a situation where I can't do anything. Join automated players now!
  2. インしても0人で何もできんぞ!どうしたらいいのこの状況?俺の居場所はここしかないんだわ!何とかしろオラ!
  3. Current PVP events allow you to select an area for 30 minutes within an hour, and the remaining 30 minutes are automatically selected. Change this so you can select one at a time. If you connect during the free time of Japan time, the number of connected people is 0 to 2. Only Domi, Escort, and CTF can earn Rank Up and Adena! There are only these 3 options. Exp can only get mob areas for 1 hour. Waiting for a good reply from the president!! I not good english sorry! and I translate and write.!
  4. Place auto players or mobs in the area! Time zone, 0 connections and no fights!
  5. yamada

    boss hunt event

    Please Unlimited change time for best of x and any boss event (a little rage)
  6. Get ready for autoplayers!
  7. なんで仕事いかなかんのだ?銭はでるのか?お?ふざけんじゃねーぞコラ!
  8. yamada

    need help

    なあああに?やっちまったな? 男は黙って 別キャラ! 男は黙って 別キャラ!
  9. おみゃーさん?ちゃんと状況わかっとるわな?人がよ!いねーんだわ!インしても何もできんのだわな!何とかしてまわな困るぞこれ!お?
  10. どうなっとるんだこれw何にもできーせんがやw