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  1. Move the auto player right away! There are no humans, I can't play games.
  2. 鈴木その子と松崎しげるの極上オセロ
  3. yamada


    I thought the idea of beta period was wonderful this time. However, I think it's okay for a longer period (about 5 days)
  4. I say the same thing every time, but without people, it won't be a game!
  5. When? no people in server......
  6. Please change it so that even one person can subdue EPIC. Do not count henchman as the number of connected people (server misrecognizes) Please increase the rate of adena etc. significantly. If these are not possible, delete the mantra and change all items to Adena-only transactions!
  7. yamada


    It is impossible to subdue. Significantly weaken! Or increase your time!
  8. Everything depends on the number of people online! Also, don't count henchman as the number of connected people (not controlled by humans). I think 30VS30 is ideal for Best of X. We haven't taken measures when the population is declining!
  9. This is meaningless. Unable to subdue every time! Whether to extend the time or remove best os X. It is necessary to reduce the HP of rb by 80%. Please check it once! Please change everything in light of the number of connected people!
  10. All the text I posted My account! Please delete all.
  11. yamada


    Looking for clan! chaos!
  12. I understand the changes, but I can't confirm them in the absence of battle!