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  1. I will grab screenshots from my other computer then give me a few hours then I will be back at my house
  2. You have to kill someone wearing that grade gear to get that pouch or totem
  3. JayGhoul

    chain heal

    I would cry. That means that my class would practically be useless to play and that would be so unbelievably unfair. I am literally only good at being a healer so if that is taken away I will have to stop playing since I can't do anything other then that. And for those 20 minute events >.> only having one healer please don't even contemplate this bullshit
  4. But to hit for 1 damage on a magic skill is kinda ridiculous. I should be able to use basic damage skills that do even 20 damage I could use (that is like nothing compared to the 9k health people are having) so for a skill to do 1 damage when it lands is kinda upsetting. That literally means I need to use this skill 9k times at least to kill 1 person
  5. Im sorry I didn't understand a single thing this message says. All I got from it was "I am active and not a bot, I use my clam hands"
  6. Heyo, I kinda just realized that when I use Mana Burn on anything or anyone it does 1 damage... same with all my other skills that are supposed to deal damage... please help. I have been slowly realizing this through the last few days the server has been up but before I would only catch a glimpse and think "Oh I probably just got a crit miss" but now I figured out it happens literally every single time I use any damaging magic on my bishop "Love". Thanks in advance!
  7. Are you getting a crash window pop-up?
  8. JayGhoul

    Close range maps

    +1 currently the only close range maps are sieges >.>
  9. Go to your L2OvC folder and go to System then find the l2.exe in there and launch it from that file
  10. do .allanimoff this turns off all animations other then yours
  11. JayGhoul

    Healers & Events

    I have damage dealing skills .-. besides how would I abuse it? .-. Healing my self won't do anything for benefit in these events...
  12. JayGhoul

    Healers & Events

    When I try to join KTvT or DM it says my class (Bishop) isn't allowed in. I think we should be allowed in. If anything we have a disadvantage Please fix Idc if kills don't count I just want to be able to play in them without having to constantly switch class and rebuff.
  13. Ok Ill take your word for it
  14. Oki also you should make it so that there is a higher recipe drop from the Lucky Boxes as well cause I have gotten like 20 books and 1 Recipe that isn't even usable by my class... Its heavy armor and I am healer >.>