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  1. Canou

    balance on epics

    A lot of good players from Red were not here if you didn't notice...
  2. Canou

    balance on epics

    The most "tryhard" clan on Order is Kolopaidarades. We were still clan Lvl 1 until like 2 days ago, not full clan skills still. I played like 15 Boss maps maybe. Still rank 22. That's the lvl of tryhard Order has now... So yeah, JACKBOYS and cunts clan with good players and good parties won most of the things. It's just sad one of them didn't go to Green. Otherwise it's still fun, just another season without Epics for myself x). Black Ore is the way.
  3. Canou

    Waking Scroll

    Ohhh.. I guess if this thing is still here, I guess don't. I'll tell my partymates to have good dreams then >.>
  4. I think the problem is the dummy, dunno if we can consider it a player. According to some people, blows don't have the same land rate against NPC/Mobs. I'll try tomorrow if i have time to xp it and beta still on.
  5. Honestly i tried a bit against a player, not against the dummy. It seems fine with mortal strike only. With lvl76 characters. Il will try with full buff again (focus death). But yeah it is gonna be hard for adventurer, maybe more than before. Btw good job on the chase and backstab from side, it works so fine *.*
  6. Canou

    Waking Scroll

    They are missing in the misc section of Merchant, dunno if it is intentional but you should put them back imo.
  7. The Henchman system is the worst thing i have ever seen in a server. Nobody asked for it. Nobody wants it, except maybe newcomers when server starts getting old, and still. I hope we never see it again in other seasons, cause that's the main reason i stopped playing this "should-have-been" awesome season that just needed some little balance.
  8. Canou


    I have to admit this henchman thing is really ugly. You just allowed PvP Bots, on a full PvP server. The thing people hate the most imo, during its most populated days. I mean if people were already having healers on adrenaline everywhere, I would get it. But that was never the case.
  9. Dunno if it's a bug, since I dunno shit about Classic, but Stigma of Shilen and Shilen's Cursed Field stacks (visually at least). Dunno if that's intended since it seems the second one is just "Mass Stigma". Cannot really test on dummy, i don't see the debuffs on it and my melee damage doesn't increase. Does anyone have knowledge about that ?
  10. Canou


    As you can see on the Website, the server is currently on "GMonly". Read Announcements section for details about Beta Phase and Opening.
  11. Maybe add the Enchant Manager again only for A-Grade and up to +6 max ? This. I know it's good that the "chase & hit" works fine now, but the stuck thing is horrible.
  12. I think he meant that if you silence someone that is using a physical skill, this skill gets decasted. At least visually. After that you're not blocked from using physical skills. Noticed it quite some times. Rec it with sph/necro versus duelist/dagger with no atk spd buff to check it.
  13. I think there is a total of 12, so you can have 4 Certif skills lvl3 (or w/e other combination you like). I come back tomorrow to halp randoms x)
  14. Canou


    Jokes aside, we (order) just deserve it. MW and Retail don't have any good setup/party for bosses (except maybe Bart+Djinn+Kat+Dawg). Chaos have more good clans and i'm happy to see new good/decent players btw. With Mantra system, we just can't play for fun anymore at Bosses and farm adena for Boss Jewels (flame from chaos incoming soon, yes we know you have fun x)). We have to fight for it. And i like the idea, even though i'm sad not to even have one after 5 days. But to be fair, i sucked pretty hard on Boss events, even with all my fans on me. I just wanted to play SE. But for bosses not being able to rez BP, with all my fans, i had to play BP if i wanted to have some role/impact and i failed. The only time we won it's when Chaos failed their rush, not when we succeeded something. At least the Boss events i played. Anyway. Would be cool if losing side gain a little more mantra, or from RB in events. Because when you get stomped, you just get 0 mantra x).
  15. Canou


    I need one with Mirage buff.