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  1. Luffy


    if anyone wanna play with me whisp me peace
  2. again means u have done it in the past...when exactly this happened? no lifer pokemon
  3. haha mojo u want new season every 5 days? hahaha pathetic retard,go to the beach for get some tan
  4. Luffy


    are u high? what are all this bullshits that you are typing
  5. Luffy


    lf some democracy
  6. lineage as a game is dead in 2k20,so im not wasting my time anymore to fail low or mid rate servers...
  7. isnt useless,since hero skills are nerfed,and all the hero rewards are nerfed,maybe it isnt overpowered to become a hero,but olympiad is if not the most, one of the most interesting features in lineage
  8. maps are the only problem..bad maps makes ppl skip the map or go afk for the map or even log out,so popularity in the running map is low...so everyone will start saying "server died? low ppl in map " so make more towns/villages/fortress maps and NONE 500 miles maps. Also this "fortress" map that is taking place outside? wtf is this map rly? 😛 also fields of whispers BF? rly? this map is unplayable even with 2k online 😛 MORE TOWNS AND VILLAGES cheers
  9. Luffy


    in interlude the best DD's are archers and mages...you cant change that...you cant make blade dancer or summoner or gladi the best dd in endgame cause its simply against the lineage progress. In h5 the top DD's are daggers/mages,you cant do anything to change that too. So cut the crappy suggestions in order to overpower ur favorite class and just talk with true reasons that makes the season fail,like it is the bad maps,and the emo quit
  10. Luffy


    someone must lock this topic already cuz i ve been reading so many bullshits "ideas"
  11. Luffy


    better let us talk about what server need,and keep ur shity ideas for urself
  12. Luffy


    i agree almost to everything except dress me comment, dress me gives absolutely nothing but fancy look, so u are not obligated to buy it or to spend FA or euro for it unless if u you want to... about olympiad weapons....i dont care if its 25k or 50k fa,since he doenst want to listen to me and make oly max enchant +6 or olympiad with A grade gear only...cuz this server's olympiad will always will be tyrant/gladi olympiad and thats why noone want to invest on olympiad gear,cuz no1 will have chance for hero,only the team who will have a tyrant or a gladi to get fed from...