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  1. My bad, I created sub. I'll test on a new char.
  2. I want to test 83 level skills, how can I level up fast?
  3. I'm definitely coming this season. I'm here to have fun. I don't care what other players are using since it matters only perhaps in lategame.
  4. I think this effect was not even considered when the nerf was made.
  5. Heal power nerf is the best game change for the last 2 years! It's brilliant! There is no need now for many questionable game breaking customizations like tank survivability nerf, bishop reward nerf, event pariticipation limitations. No domination of constant parties. Glads and tyrs are no more overpowering in survivability! Wish it were done earlier.
  6. Madlaxy


    I think formula can be changed from sqrt into diminshing returns like chain heal in high five. First target gets full damage, second gets 90% damage, third gets 81% damage, forth gets 73% damage, and so on, 15th target gets 23% damage. This way glad/tyr has high chances to kill target closest to him, does decent damage overall, players have high chances to survive if they don't keep close to the attacker. 1 100% 2 90% 3 81% 4 73% 5 66% 6 59% 7 53% 8 48% 9 43% 10 39% 11 35% 12 31% 13 28% 14 25% 15 23%
  7. First of all, thanx for the poll! It's great idea! Second, I think there should be some question about favourite classes in the poll next time.
  8. Madlaxy

    remove elven village

    Please recheck. People may vote for Elven Village TvT only to play TvT when all other options are different event type. It doesn't mean they like it Elven Village, it means they like TvT.
  9. Better check if one faction wins more epics that another.
  10. This! Exactly! There is no diversity now. Only archers and mages. No buffer role, no crafter role, no spoiler role, tanks nerfed, warlords nerfed, summoners nerfed, healers nerfed. Titan can do nothing early in the game. Daggers are also more for lategame. Glads and tyrs are no more aoe.
  11. Nice one! The problem is that the other 4 in top5 are players with healers. Player does not even need fingers and brain to dominate if he gets healer in his party. Especially when most of other parties are without healers. These players always say the same "healers are part of the game" and are strongly opposed to nerfing healers, because they immediately lose domination. The less healers in the game the greater boost to those who are with healers! The difference is even more devastating. It's like some players were to run with CoV / Magnus and some without. P.S. I'm not against domination, but I don't think randoms and casual players will last long when they can't find party to be in the same conditions.
  12. You are absolutely right! Moreover, most of these ideas are already impletemnted! But the case is: there are 20 parties (100 players) and only 10 players want to play healer. It means that 10 parties (50 players!) run with no healer! Yes, there will be parties with no healer in both factions. But the difference between parties with and without healer in the same faction is devastating. Players with no healer are constantly dying, have less chances to do a kill and more run from spawn than fight. It's definitely no fun. Also noone will focus party with a healer, since it's almost impossible to kill. Everyone focuses randoms without healers, making things even worse for them.
  13. This season it will be exactly the same. Archer / mage premade parties dominating everything. Every other class doing zero impact, parties without healer doing zero impact, random parties running without any healer. Fun only for constant parties who like playing archers and mages. All options for random players are closed. So, are you ready? For what?
  14. Madlaxy

    adena scroll

    I think price went up because nowdays you need less hours / scrolls to farm same amount of adena / equipment. It's like investing 10 euros once instead of investing 5 euros twice to get the same result.
  15. Yes, there are definitely bugs, but this time it's better to open server already. Hundreds of motivated experienced players will find bugs much faster than several beta testers.
  16. Have to agree. Another chronicle and already same nerfs and gimps.
  17. 6. why no screens of the location? Really need? They can be found everywhere. Can't go to the point. Invisible wall. Can't attack the guy in target from this position. But can attack from this position. Red corner seems to be an invisible wall.
  18. 8. Whiplash does 0 (zero) damage on Orfen.
  19. Never mind, seems both official cites https://l2wiki.com/classic/Bounty_Hunter and https://l2central.info/classic/Охотник_За_Наградой give wrong information about dwarf having Power Break.
  20. Source / vid? He kills player shu and pony stays near the corpse. In short while his teammate kills another enemy his pony was attacking and again pony stays near the corpse. Change movement mode worked every interlude and high five OvC season like this and why would korean decide to change it suddenly on classic?
  21. 6. Problems with geodata. Can hit through objects like trees and stones with nukes. 7. Bots can climb mountains with angles impossible to climb.
  22. 5. Change Movement Mode incorrect behavior: summon always returns after killing target. Should stay if hold ground is activated.
  23. 1. Aqua Swirl always hits for 1 damage, yet it's level 83 nuke. 2. Shield of Sacrifice negative effect lasts only 5 seconds. Not sure maybe it should last for the whole buff duration. 3. Tank can move targets like training dummy with Chain Strike. 4. For some unknown reason dwarves got Hammer Crush instead of Power Break and their stuns last more than 7 seconds on training dummy.