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  1. Yes, there are definitely bugs, but this time it's better to open server already. Hundreds of motivated experienced players will find bugs much faster than several beta testers.
  2. Have to agree. Another chronicle and already same nerfs and gimps.
  3. 6. why no screens of the location? Really need? They can be found everywhere. Can't go to the point. Invisible wall. Can't attack the guy in target from this position. But can attack from this position. Red corner seems to be an invisible wall.
  4. 8. Whiplash does 0 (zero) damage on Orfen.
  5. Never mind, seems both official cites https://l2wiki.com/classic/Bounty_Hunter and https://l2central.info/classic/Охотник_За_Наградой give wrong information about dwarf having Power Break.
  6. Source / vid? He kills player shu and pony stays near the corpse. In short while his teammate kills another enemy his pony was attacking and again pony stays near the corpse. Change movement mode worked every interlude and high five OvC season like this and why would korean decide to change it suddenly on classic?
  7. 6. Problems with geodata. Can hit through objects like trees and stones with nukes. 7. Bots can climb mountains with angles impossible to climb.
  8. 5. Change Movement Mode incorrect behavior: summon always returns after killing target. Should stay if hold ground is activated.
  9. 1. Aqua Swirl always hits for 1 damage, yet it's level 83 nuke. 2. Shield of Sacrifice negative effect lasts only 5 seconds. Not sure maybe it should last for the whole buff duration. 3. Tank can move targets like training dummy with Chain Strike. 4. For some unknown reason dwarves got Hammer Crush instead of Power Break and their stuns last more than 7 seconds on training dummy.
  10. I watched videos from L2 Classic and noticed that when sides were balanced fights for Epic Bosses lasted several hours. One side wipes another, the other side regroups in town and goes for another fight. Side that tries to kill epic boss has to deal damage to the boss and simultaneously protect from the other side. This mechanics is nice and attractive. It looks better than 2 minutes fights when one side wipes another and gets free raid boss.
  11. Will it be possible to have class on a different race, like mage on dwarf? Seems there are no subclasses / dualclasses in classic. How about implementing it as a premium feature?
  12. True. I also could not notice difference. Admin said that only works on over over enchanted top gear. +100 This is exactly as it happens. Every season make summon to only get disappointment at 79 level.
  13. Summoners were not intended to fight against dynasty grade. Dynasty is 20% more pdef than Dark Crystal. Even when season started from B grade, even if summoner started with everyone, it was extremely hard to level up to 79 to get magnus and to get 3 expert books. Now server starts from A grade and it will be even harder. No fun early game, no fun end game. Summoner needs customization to compensate dynasty introduction.