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  1. NOKIA

    balance on epics

    if you allow that mechanic the only thing you will get is people changing faction to go to the winning side, nobody will go to the losing side to balance things out but you already know that the thread is needed tho, because it is true that chaos is stomping every boss / raid in the middle type of event but your suggestion is for your benefit only it wont solve the issue
  2. When enchanted +1 or above, every spoil will fail, as keftedas and alita reported i think
  3. Have you tried clicking the button that says temporarily change faction? Bear in mind that this is a balance feature, that prevents 3 tanks vs 1 tank in other faction. If you had it your way you could join every event in the faction of your choice, but get stomped and wouldn't have fun anyway
  4. NOKIA

    sqrt damage

    If you're a gladi or a tyrant the damage is calculated on that formula regardless you have celestial buff. The celestial condition is applied for other classes.
  5. NOKIA


    There's no point on making the tournament this season, at least for cash. Rather have Emerald use that money to improve the server or as a reward for a future tournament with actual competition and not the 8 top online that are still playing nonstop. Also in order to have a tournament with the amount of teams expected, the next season could have it earlier in the game, maybe after 7/14 days Having it as late as it is now, is gonna be the same story as in this season, half empty teams, teams with players that already abandoned server, random instakilled teams.. not exactly a showcase of what can be done in the server with a tournament.
  6. NOKIA


    If we can keep this thread open so that every time someone plays a map they dont like they describe it and place some suggestions, main post could be edited to add players propositions on each case, when we get a few lined up you can check it out
  7. yes, they dont die in one mili second like the rest, coz they are functional with defensive buffs have you tried making a new char in this stage of the server or you just answering because its free?
  8. When entering as newbie in late stages of the game most fun is in classes that need very little to survive and can work on few buffs, including but not limited to: BP, OL, Tank, warlord, summoner Lv 78+ daggers (no weapon, BW +6 and B+6/A jewels) Lv 78+ nukers (at least A grade equip, better to go for 1h weapon + shield) You can buy cheap ewb/eab and maybe even a +6 B set, mats for draco/tate set for next to nothing at this stages Almost every class is playable but archer since it will need at least a QA and DB - not that hard to get and shareable with dagger And tyr/glad since you'll need supports on your back to do well Regardless of what class you choose: Remember to use 1h of farm zone, don't die on pvp inside try to farm as much as possible and lv up the sub that needs exp (say you main OL but want to play dagger aswell, lv up the dagger at least till its 78) If possible to pick classes that can share equipment, there's no point in having 3 different sets (OL + dag + archer = BW +6 till draco, DBow only weapon), (BP + Nuker = DC set) Claim rank up and dailys at quest manager Play the daily instances (need lv 78) Really focus on faction and mini events since you'll earn rewards without having to PvP. Vote and claim passive buff in reward manager, if you can stream it will give another buff. Join a clan for party and clan skills. Play the survive game rather than rambo mode, remember your opponents will be bigger than you, keep you zoom out and your range as high as possible from enemy
  9. al descomprimir el zip/rar adentro de la carpeta que ya pusiste como excepcion evitás que tu antivirus borre archivos del parche descarga el archivo zip/rar del parche movelo a la carpeta que previamente aniadiste a exclusiones descomprimilo
  10. this is not a bug report, if u wanna make a suggestion go to the appropiate board
  11. NOKIA


    I think you have to rank up in order to bet more money on games
  12. you can spam general discussion if you want but keep this board on topic
  13. You have 120 seconds to start a raid boss, but a lot of people get to join in the last second because of the balance. How about you make it a bit longer, say, 180 seconds and the extra 60 the people that just got in get a chance to build a party, load the map, etc?