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  1. What...? Did you even play any of those classes? That's a horrible recommendation.
  2. In my opinion, playful should be the easiest way to get max rank. What everyone wants is an active well populated server. Not sure why streak/spree/takedown are getting lowered, aren't they the main ones people used to get max rank?
  3. maze


    Who wants to play L2 without healers? No viable healers = no viable player base.
  4. You don't see the other numbers?
  5. I think you closed the topic by accident @Emerald. No worries, we'll just keep the conversation going here. My friends actually went to bed halfway coz this usually goes on through the night.
  6. 20% of what a DD in that party gets. Not 20% of the total the party gets. So if a gladi gets 10k in a map, his bishop gets 2k.
  7. Last changelist says there was a minor boost for supports but for me I started getting 3-4 adena instead of 2-3. The minute you get DC set your adena goes down. Anything else you get makes it go down even more. Last IL seasons you would make almost nothing with dc set and epics, I guess this season you will actually lose adena when you reach that state 🙂 Also because you get no ranks, you get no expert books, so my DD friends have 5-6 expert books or more while I have 1. Not to mention that because it's not worth it to play a bishop or OL anymore, there's a lot less of those on maps and anyone that actually plays them spends more time in queue than in the map.
  8. Part 1: Here we are again! @Emerald how can we help you fix this? What kind of information do you need from us?
  9. Been suddenly getting a ton of critical errors. Same thing for some of my friends. I wonder if it's related to more people using the dressme function?
  10. maze


    Also my other thread after that one got closed... I don't usually complain about something unless I think it will affect the server longevity...
  11. This is all sorts of wrong. How can you nerf such an integral part of pvp? The only parties running bishops right now are from the clans that are already full and dont even have slots to recruit new players. If you're a new player you will never have a healer, never. All the bishops I know rerolled or are only playing in stacked parties. None of them is using any scrolls from donations. I bought an adena scroll, tested and then put it in my wh for when I play a dd. You have access to data from all interlude seasons and you're lucky you've got clans that keep playing over and over and players that keep coming back. You know players like Lesley, Sin, Luffy, Rhaegar, Mojo, Seif, Kat, Silence, Thouaz, etc always play in "ideal" partys. It's so simple to just get the values of how much people were making in these parties avg per map in the past seasons, change the formulas to the new ones you want to put in and see how that would turn out. I'm honestly baffled that you think it's ok to not make any changes. I know I won't stick around if my favourite class is unplayable.
  12. This makes sense but how do you "fix" it? Can't really take rewards that were already given out.
  13. DDs with 7 expert books while bishops in their group have 0. How does a good party or group of friends share those?