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  1. By design so other ppl who did not get hero have better chance next day
  2. Boss (Gustav) could be pulled way outside of the devastated castle area, making the whole siege aspect and all port spots etc completely useless
  3. This happens pretty much every event. I can understand there being some dynamic nerf up to 1/2 heal, maybe even 1/3 heal, but this is like 1/8 or something? A nuker with battle heal heals better than a bishop often, it's simply too much. Even worse, there isn't even any way to tell how much heal nerf is currently applied, so from one second to the next, you go from healing okay to 100 hp heals with 0 transparency for when this is happening. My 2 cents: This dynamic heal nerf should be capped at somewhere around 33~50% to not make the class completely useless. For further map/event balance there is already the system in place that prevents there to be too much unbalance in number of healers on each side anyway
  4. says he sells AA for 115a while actually selling 115AA for 348a each (the good old bundle shop scam) Maybe give this bad boi a slap on the wrist or so
  5. edit: and yeah, it was kind of late, but it wasn't very low online yet, i'd say the fight was like 20 ppl vs 30, which just makes it even more impossible to overcome
  6. those 3 were all warlords and it "seems to work out" cuz at the start of the server order was winning most, then the "warlord spam" began a few days ago and events are always heavily outnumbered, outgeared AND "outhybrid" in chaos favor now (whatever that means)
  7. Elo Balance on Boss battles has been a hot mess the last 2 days or so, and I suspect one big Issue is that Warlords and Tanks have like 1/2 - 1/3 of most ppls elo cuz they almost never get kills ofc, while having a huge impact on fights like this. I suggest something should be done to bring Warlord/Tank Elo more in line with their impact in battles or to disregard their Elo when it comes to boss balance and just split them evenly between teams
  8. Some mobs not despawning after killed, event not progressing because of it, can't escape/delog to stop event even, have to wait 10 mins for time to run out and nothing happens
  9. Sadly i didn't have time to screenshot the crit message cuz i tried to login again asap to make it in time to buff/fight, but even tho i logged back ingame like 5 seconds after crashing, i got ported back to town. Maybe it would be possible to allow to log back in while the fight is still in the buff/waiting phase?
  10. Honestly, i think the real Issue is that the Box of Luck Reward doesn't scale. At the beginning of the Server, the Rewards from it were pretty good, but now, because PvP/Event Adena keeps Scaling up and the Box Reward doesn't, just making 1-2 kills gives u the same reward as getting Adena from Box of Luck (which is the most Common i believe). So yeah, when the incentive to win maps stays the same and the reward for just chasing kills keeps getting bigger and bigger, ofc ppl will abuse the system and ignore map objectives
  11. So basically "play ranged class or gtfo", got it.
  12. well, ppl crying cuz they're losing the fight get 78% of the mantras now anyways, while a warlord or some other melee class can often end up with no rewards at all given how the pvp score is calculated. Imo 20 ppl focusing the 2.7k mdef Warlord should also count as PvP score. Melees are there to force the enemies to run back and/or focus them, yet they often get nothing for doing their job is my point.
  13. I know Crit errors are kind of "normal" in L2, but this one actually had some Info in it which might be helpful so i thought i might report it 2020.12.13 13:47:25 OS : Windows Vista 6.2 (Build: 9200) CPU : AuthenticAMD Unknown processor @ 3603 MHz with 2047MB RAM Video : Radeon (TM) RX 470 Graphics (2007) General protection fault! History: FStaticTexture::GetTextureData <- l2ui_ch3.InventoryWnd.inventory_tab2_over <- FD3DTexture::Cache <- FD3DRenderInterface::CacheTexture <- FD3DRenderInterface::HandleCombinedMaterial <- FD3DRenderInterface::SetSimpleMaterial <- FD3DRenderInterface::SetMaterial <- FCanvasUtil::Flush <- FCanvasUtil::BeginPrimitive <- FCanvasUtil::DrawTile <- UCanvas::DrawNormalText <- UCanvas::DrawTextToCanvas <- NCGDevice::DrawTextW <- NCButton::DrawButton <- NCButton::OnPaint <- NCVirtualWndMain::DrawChildWindow <- NCVirtualWndMain::DrawChildWindow <- NCVirtualWndMain::DrawChildWindow <- NCVirtualWndMain::DispatchWndMsg <- NConsoleWnd::ConsolePostRender <- UGameEngine::Draw <- UWindowsViewport::Repaint <- UWindowsClient::Tick <- ClientTick <- UGameEngine::Tick <- UpdateWorld <- MainLoop
  14. On the Fortress of the Dead Map there's a Geodata Bug that allows you to clip onto the sides of a building, making it impossible to get hit by Zombies from below
  15. Not sure if this is Intentional or not, but the Mcrit nerf to Mages doesn't Apply in PvE, meaning nobody ever pulls aggro from a Mage hitting Raid on Map and also that the side with more Mages pretty much always wins the "mini Event" after Maps