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  1. U need 3 Buttons - Attack, Real Target and Warp. The rest is situational and rarely needed
  2. it even stays after respawning. so stronk that not even death can stop it
  3. The DOT Debuff part of the Saggitarius Skill Flame Hawk cannot be cleansed (atleast not by Kamael Soul Cleanse). Does it for some Reason not count as a Debuff perhaps?
  4. Asmodin


    Sadly, you'll need (Magic) Refresh Augment to get good use out of sps/sorc cast speed advantage for it to do anything as you pointed out However, Sorc/sps are not too weak imo, it's just empowering echo that's making SH completely over the top compared to other nukers
  5. Basically when u got an additional Box of Luck as Reward, then u counted as Top Player
  6. So you're getting fanboyed by a Tank, big fucking Deal. Even if the Tank Classes were completely removed from the Game, u could then get fanboyed by a Warlord instead who chain stuns you. Or a Tyrant who just suicide Bomber dives and kills you. Point is: if someone wants to fanboy you, he will. Deal with it.
  7. Right now everyone looks like a Kamael in Wedding Dress, but there are no Running/Skill Animations for Dual Daggers for that Model, so Daggers look very buggy. Changing to Female Dwarf like in Interlude would fix that since they do have Dual Dagger Animations, however, I'm not sure how the Client interacts with non-Kamaels that have Kamael Weapons equipped, so then Kamael Classes might bug out instead perhaps. Maybe having ppl shown as their original Race but without Armor is fine? Would make telling who is who a little easier but would prevent bugged animations.
  8. yeah, all that content was pretty much 1:1 ported from interlude, but ppl have much stronger stats and skills now so they've become a joke
  9. Spellhowlers are fine guys
  10. Let's not kid ourselves, with the addition of Chain Heal, Overlords have become full fledged healers, and Healers were banned from entering that Event for a Reason.
  11. must be rough to be so far ahead of 95% of the server, i pity you
  12. I don't know if this is possible or not, but how about also making the remaining Farm Zone time show up in the bottom right similar to how remaining time on Maps is shown? (only while you are inside ofc)
  13. the real issue i have with it tho is that (as far as i can tell), current map score is factored into balancing maps. So the tryhard constant parties on this server ignore map objective on purpose so the map gets unbalanced in their favor and they can farm with as little opposition as possible. Seen that happen more than once in Fortress too. Also, in most other maps, atleast there is the tradeoff for them that they lose the map and miss out on 1 box of luck. On battlefield however, u don't even get punished for scummy tactics like that, u can just ignore flags, "lose" the map 0-4 for 20+ minutes and enjoy nice, unbalanced farm, and then go ahead and win the map in 1 push in the last 3 minutes,
  14. Asmodin

    Tide spots maps

    L2 is not programmed to utilize multiple CPU Cores, but relies heavily on the CPU. That's why modern PCs didn't scale well to make the game run smoother, since clock speeds have stayed similar over the last few years and only core counts increased Possibly later Chronicles like God are better optimized for multiple Cores, but calling that game L2 is brave