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  1. Hello. i would like to make a suggestion for this season, if possible, if not, to implement on next one. This happened on another server, and it worked to revamp when they start loosing players. What they did when the population went below what they considered acceptable, they gave new players +6 sets, x3 exp and adena. This allowed more casual players to come back and even try other classes, without having the gap to starter players. The effect was instant, with around 40% player base increase. I know it probably will only make the server last longer by two or three weeks, but hey, thats something. Just a positive suggestion, no flames plz.
  2. Honestly, today theres no1 playing anymore. Henchman was not the issue. Was fun in the first week. Dont think theres anything admins can do. Ppl just get bored i guess.
  3. I've been playing OvC for 2 seasons now, and this one kept me playing the longest. Im a original L2 player and original GvE player back in the day. Since theres no one to play with this season ill use this thread to add my 2 cents: 1. I would like to congratulate the admins for the server, i'v never thought having so much fun on an old game. I donate not only to get items im too lazy to get, but also to encourage the admins/developers to keep it running (we also pay for all other games we play anyways); 2. To keep the server healthy more time the key is keeping players. Newer games with millions in budget failed miserably (new world, lost ark, etc..), so this is a huge task and not easy. 3. I would suggest the following changes to increase and maintain player base longer: a) Give better rewards to low ranks: for instance if a rank 1 kills a rank 70, reward him better, so he keeps trying, and reward less other way around. The rank 70 should be encouraged to kill equally geared players. I might be wrong, i think theres already a difference, but i think the reward for the low rank should be higher. b) I think balance its fine, L2 was always biased to ranged classes, and when something was done to power melees tanks and daggers became gods. Also healers capped are great, used mostly to rez on bosses add to game strategy. c) In general, lower drop rate of adena/aa/mantras, in the first weeks and increase after like 3rd week. d) In previous season, new players after relase of A and S gear, got improved starting gear, so S level 2/3 should be starting gear after like 3rd week. e) Material boxes: please make the open when they stack. My hads hurt after 1k clicks, not to mention hechmans. f) oh and Henchman. First time i play'd with them, and i loved it. Not only to have to change game play, to combine the right classes, to upgrade them. Was fun. But i admit that when i had to face a player that had no henchman on him, well was no challege so i rather leave. Still, i had great figths against opponents with their "bots". Maybe make some maps hechman only, make 1st hencham free, and make it harder to get the 2nd 3rd and 4rth, and even reducing the number. If possible, make henchman stay in fight if leader dies, let them be farmed XD. Well, thats about it. Hopefully new season will be here soon, and i expect more OvC action soon. I would like to say thank you to all players i've faced these past weeks, its been fun! Cya soon.
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    Im hoping it comes sooner, and more days till they unlock S-grade, so that ppl will still be running on A grade before christmas.