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  1. Sever looks like its on its way, any news on a new season?
  2. Uh... since when was it 30% chance to enchant at +7? Is this some kind of joke?
  3. As the number of players decreases, which it clearly is, Daggers are just becoming more broken.
  4. You ever mass pvp? Explain to me the parties you see in these mass pvp gatherings. Simply archer parties and mage parties. Dagger parties are fucking unheard of as Daggers have no place in mass PVP in interlude and never will, so the more you idiots keep fucking editing classes and complaining the more you are taking away from the game.
  5. Is there not going to be a class that is "the most powerful" ? Lol?
  6. Poweful or outright imbalanced? I deal massive amounts of damage, because I am susceptible to massive amounts of damages. Can't say the same for daggers you just run in blind folded and starting spamming fucking buttons knowing you're going to land a lethal regardless front or back. I've read your posts and it's almost as if you want to change the chronicle entirely. Complaining about titans ect, go play H5 where they have fucking teleports.
  8. There are plenty of other classes, gladiator, tyrant archer, Of course mages are going to be most powerful in the beginning of the season they always are. Not to mention archers are not even all that bad to play right now, even without focus. I got crit by a GS for over 4k. You should not be able to tank an entire faction while dealing these ridiculous amounts of damage, it's fucking insane. Who wants to spawn only to be fucking targeted by 30 daggers? Anybody else find this fun?
  9. Mages can't run into crowds of people tanking, while dealing 8k lethal blows. I understand mages deal heavy damage but that's only chars with little to no resists. I have been farming for 2 days now, and some random level 1 dagger runs up to me, presses f1 and kills me. Is this fair? No. This class is clearly broken, you can either be a tank or a damage dealer, not fucking both. I will be moving onto another server. Enjoy.