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  1. Você que é brasileiro ou de qualquer outro país da América do Sul e que entenda um pouco de português, estou com algumas pessoas projetando montar um clan na próxima temporada, se você tiver interesse, deixa sua mensagem aqui no post ou me chame no privado. Temos TS3 e ótimas ideias. Vejo vocês por ai.
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    Some ideas!

    I want to expose some ideas of mine after playing the server a few seasons and tell you what I've already realized about it. I hope you at least read what I think about a better future for us, thinking on all sides. Remembering that not everything I'm going to write I thought for myself, but I saw it in a post from other friends that I thought was of legal importance, I'll try to give credit to everyone, if I forget, I apologize. Exchanging items for other items, with a certain fair penalty: Example; an option that you can exchange Draconic Bow (Focus) +7 for an Arcana Mace (Acumen) +6 for a sum of Adena. If you really want to use the NPC option you will get this penalty, otherwise use the market with other players. Improved Shadow Items and Levelup: The server is not only a server for clans, but also mostly for solo people. One idea I had is for shadow items when released, to be released a little improved. Example; when shadows grade B items are released, the person can get it +5. A newbie with grade B +0 can't face off against a person who's been on the server for a few days(already with high level and even with expert books). And so too with items grade A and S in the future of the server. So this item +5 It will be a great help and encouragement to the player, instead of the person starting level 76, he starts 77 and then 78(And what supplies the exit of players is the entry of new ones). Siege: All the clans on the server I've seen that have a good rivalry between them, my idea is to put a more interesting prize in the sieges to be able to attract more clans to the server. Example; a prize like weapons/armor or maybe a small amount of real money(as I've seen some servers doing and this attracts a lot of clan and the amount is not that significant, but playing the game is already good and having to win something is even better). Because not only new players who play alone live a server, clans and rivalries as well. Item release time: The server got really good with a change about the idea @Luffy gave, of being able to contain the items a few days and be released later. But I think there could be a bigger longer this wait on the A items, S items and epics. Exemple; about 3 days for grade A | 5 days for grade S | and 7 days for epics. A suggestion for the server time as well. Epics and Mantras: The idea of the mantras was very good and it made the server's life a little difficult too at a certain point, I think it would be a good thing to rethink about going back with the mantras. About the epics I thought the following, keep the idea of epics drops for some random person, but not with 100% drop(according to epic level), until the release of gems in the npc(after 7 days as I gave the idea above), after that time the drops would be 100% since once everyone can also have the epics buying. Like at the beginning of this season, the player @Rhaegar2 was very lucky and was much stronger than everyone else during a good time on the server(nothing against you friend, just saying about the balance of the server and sorry to quote you here without asking your permission). Improved hero weapon: Another tip I've seen on other servers and I've also seen the tip from friend @President, is to improve hero weapons, I've always had this idea because the weapons are very beautiful and it would be nice if you could use them. The idea I always had is that every server could improve them. But the idea I'm quoting is to be able to improve it with time according to the server releasing items. If it's something complex and that doesn't help with the balance of the server, after a certain time, releasing them with a certain improvement, it would be pretty cool for you to have one more point to fight for your hero(and that was actually a big change this new format of the olympics, congratulations to the @Emerald). Player support: In few seasons I've played, I'll be honest and say that I've never seen any staff member on the server explaining something or talking about something with anyone in the game(not that it's mandatory). But I think that we players should have more support from the staff, know more about you who work on the server and you can hear what we have to say and help us as much as possible. We need this, the server needs this, this dialogue is important for everyone. Video tutorial teaching everything about the server: And now getting out of the game a little bit, but thinking about the newbies still. A video explaining all the details of the server with subtitles in other languages would be an amazing thing, because this season, I helped about 4 players who sent me a message asking for help because I didn't understand the server, how they bought grade B, A and S items. How the rank issue worked, then what they did with expert books. A tip I've seen on another server is for the staff to make an event about videos, the person who makes the best video explaining the server will win a prize. The team would give the script and the person would do what the script said. The best explanatory video, best editing and best teaching, won. And finally, I would like to ask that before opening each season, release a beta version of the server for us, so we can test the server, know how the editions will be working, it's a good thing for everyone. And thank you all in advance and I apologize for being able to mention each of you here without being warned. All for the greater good, the server, long live the OVC!