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  1. And for bishop in your pt you say adena divised but you had 50-60 kill by event vs new player or solo player take 10 kill maximum by event so plz don’t tell me adena divised you take triple adena and box and item vs solo or new player
  2. 2 battle heal you are full life archer hit bishop 200 dammage normal hit 600 crit hit for new player ????????? Robe vs archer normal for you ??? How too have a chance to kill bishop and dps ??? For new player in serv all look that new player leave that don’t wasted a time to know 0 chance upgrade on serv …
  3. Raeghar i don’t flame you or other you have a friend and you play with us its normal so plz stop help server and say this serv have a big problem and this problem its a duration because healer and cp player kill all and ruined this don’t need bishop don’t need party just order vs chaos and no party no bishop more fun and all have a chance to upgrade and have more fun
  4. All season its the same 1 week and what ?? You have a so good server in your arms and you don’t litsen community you have more solo player in your server than CP and you listen CP raeghar and co its impossible for solo player and new player don’t play first day have a fun vs 2 dps and 3 bishop in CP player and this season have only bishop and this class ruined server so hard !!!! Next season litsen community and nerf this class or delete this its useless class on gvg community need just fun and kill all player dont need bishop on your server
  5. Raeghar you play all season ovc and its the same you have more healer than dps in your party and impossible for solo player kill you and you donate and you jave s grade 1 day XDDDD this server possible so good but emerald look just money and imposible for new player have a chance to upgrade vs a S grade 1 day ago …….. this bishop ruined server first day order team have more bishop than dps xd its not a gvg its a bishop server … 1 week server die because what ? Gm help friend and people play solo leave fast no chance to have a fun on this server