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  1. I've already tested this too, I can only with C grade weapon.
  2. I can make it work only with a grade C weapon, with a grade B weapon onwards I can't.
  3. I take the weapon out of my hand, put the weapon in my hand, increase the speed, but nothing works, it always says it's not in the right conditions.
  4. Why every time I try to augment a weapon through the interface, a message appears saying it failed?
  5. It would be easier in a beta phase testing everything with adena, how are we going to create a new char and not have money to buy anything?
  6. President


    And what about daggers that with dagger grade C hits you 5k in first day? Will there be any nerfs about this? A class that doesn't take much damage and now starting at level 78 will be much stronger than it used to be. Just one comment.
  7. Archer/dagger already hits really hard even before they have the epics. I think it's a valid nerf and worth testing.
  8. But anyway, I think 2k is too expensive, until the person has 52k left to buy all abilities. This price makes no difference to me, I always start with 200k, but for most this value is too high. I'm buying the cause of those who don't start the server with adena in their bag.
  9. Maybe lowering their price is an opportunity for everyone to acquire. A person new to the server spends his money and then discovers that there is a possibility of having stats and abilities. thousand of money would be enough, perhaps. And maybe a way for newbies to know about these additional options before they spend their money, is there an idea? To be able to disclose more about it.
  10. I think stats and abilities weren't such a good thing for the server. The last season without these changes lasted 4 weeks with a lot of pvp. Classes are very unbalanced. Modify a class and then another stronger one appears and it will always be like this. Last season tyrant and glad were strong, but maybe without stats and abilities they wouldn't be that strong. This current season that is running, mage was strong, but archer reached a level that was almost immortal. These modifications forced the imbalance of the classes a lot. Not to mention that every season, 3 to 4 people appear about it, about expert skills, about rank. That's a lot of information for newbies.
  11. I think it would be interesting for @Emerald to set some seasons with an expiration date. For example: 2 weeks and the next day, a new season will start!
  12. President

    Vote reward

    I would like to explain two things that happened to me during this season. 1: As i'm from South America, i have a bit high ping to some European servers, so i always use a program to help with the ping(ExitLag). And what was happening is that every time i voted and got the vote reward, when i opened the ExitLag, the vote reward just disappeared. I already tried to vote with ExitLag open, but then i couldn't get my vote reward, only when i left and i could get the vote reward. 2: Another situation, was that i was playing normally with my vote reward perfectly active and my power turned off for some reason, turning off everything was on inside my house, and when everything went back to normal and i re-entered the game, i was out of my vote. reward and couldn't get it again or vote on the site, because i had to wait 12 hours.
  13. +1 But about these stats I don't think they change much in the player's stats.
  14. Last season you knew that some clans were going to play in order and you kept your word to always play in order and that's ok. But until the moment that only order was dominating the server and you just didn't think it was fair to switch to chaos and balance the server and now you want to talk about clan having more space to recruit newbies to help? Be honest and say you want more space to make a bigger zerg. But I agree with the first part of your post about better support from the staff. Emerald is not wrong in what he said, I also agree.
  15. I agree, but the idea here is for everyone, not just core members to have the opportunity to shine.
  16. It wouldn't change a thing, believe me.
  17. You can be much stronger than a person, you can kill 10x more than them. But she played 8 hours more than you, killed herself there and you enter the game in 2 hours and kill twice as much as she, what would be fair? The person who killed himself playing for hours or you who in a short time?
  18. President

    Some ideas!

    Wow, great ideas, I agree with all of them!
  19. In fact, those were the only normal things you've said so far on this forum. Raising this idea from rank to over 70 is my dream and max enchant would be a cool thing. Maybe +12 weapons and +10 armor and jewelry.