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  1. Chevignon

    Soul Hound

    no, it isnt obvious at all. imagine increasing his dmg now creating a powerhouse in endgame...and then ? What we gonna do ? Decreasing his power again ? Then you are still a beast and a new slh is weak as shit again. Deal with the situation and find your own solutions around is the key here. Or give a proper solution
  2. Chevignon

    Soul Hound

    are you serious ? I was asking you what do you suggest and told you in the same post, that increasing dmg isnt an option for obvious reason. So again...whats your suggestion ?
  3. Chevignon

    Soul Hound

    And i tell you out of experience from other h5 seasons, that he is a beast endgame (like i said he even beats tyrants) Thats why increasing his dmg isnt an option at all.
  4. Chevignon

    Soul Hound

    So what do you suggest ? As i said with end game gear/skills hes a beast. So you cant just increase his skill power or values because that would make him much more op in the endgame as he already is
  5. Chevignon

    Soul Hound

    sorry detro, but what do you expect ? Your report didnt fulfill any standart a report needs to have. Besides that is a end game slh one of the strongest classes out there on ovc (he even beats tyrants). Just the way to is a way of pain. thats why a end game slh wasnt seen that often yet.
  6. Of course. In classic Level is above everything.
  7. Comparing it with retail sources is a waste of time because then kinda all debuffs have a 80-90% base land rate (some even up to 130%) without CoP and Renewal (some cases Mental Shield)
  8. yeah i would try leatrix latency fix at first
  9. Chevignon


    that could be the case^^
  10. The circlet should makes u immune to stun attack but it doesnt.
  11. as the title says...hes not there
  12. Chevignon


    rage/zealot/frenzy and u have low holy resists since he uses the hero weapon
  13. U can play tyrant also with 2 different pretty powerful melee builds.
  14. Chevignon


    I wanna bring in Soulhounds. Player Disease showing in a impressive manner how powerful they can be. Nothing to improve on Soulhounds i guess.
  15. I can sum up the spawn times of mostly all Rb's of the last 1 week: 30.03. Orfen 4:00 GMT +2 30.03. AQ 12:06 GMT +2 30.03. Tezza 12:49 30.03 Sailren 13:33 30.03 Tiat 14:45 30.03. Baylor 16:28 30.03 Freya 20:31 31.03 Zaken 11:52 31.03 AQ 14:08 31.03 Core 15:06 01.04 Orfen 1:48 01.04 Baylor 8:42 01.04 Ekimus 14.13 01.04 Sailren 20:20 01.04 Tezza 21:31 01.04 Sailren 23:22 02.04 Freya 0:02 02.04 AQ 5:39 02.04 Core 8:45 03.04 Beleth 1:34 03.04 Orfen 2:18 03.04 Baium 6:22 03.04 Antharas 9:42 03.04 Baylor 10:56 03.04 AQ 14:59 03,04 Core 21:11 03.04 Tezza 23:28 04.04. Zaken 1:50 04.04 Sailren 3:03 04.04. Tiat 3:42 04.04. Freya 5:32 04.04. AQ 14:24 05.04. Orfen 0:32 05.04 Core 1:47 05.04. Baylor 6:22 05.04. Ekimus 10:23
  16. Hello folks, first of all im happy that emerald finally fixed the fist cancel thing, which was an important change in case of balance this class. However as you might see thats still not enough. Emerald would like to not just have my opinion (suggestion) about this case thats why i make it public. I suggest to decrease tyrants dmg by another 10 %. (i guess he will be still very strong/too strong but better start slightly) I wont underline this with any kind of pictures because the problem here is, that pictures dont tell the truth in this case. The power of tyrants is a combination of good dmg (i wouldnt call it fully op) and survivebility because of their very high hitpoint pool (hp+cp can be around 30k) and allot of pdef/mdef due to ogre totem. I know that there were suggestions to just decrease the stats of ogre totem (like from @lovehate). In my opinion this wouldnt solve the problem in longterm because once the first tyrant reachs rank 8 and gets barrier his defence stats doesnt matter that much anymore since he will be mostly on barrier and with a healer on his ass he will get chain healed for 7-8-9k hp every few seconds. So let me know about your opinions guys.
  17. as rhaegar and arthas said. Its free
  18. i dont have lags at all so it isnt a server side issue. Nothing we can do about here. Did you tried lesley's "Fix" ?
  19. If you look around seeing all the high enchanted weapon and armors popping up didnt you had the feeling that you might be just unlucky ? Same counts for the skill enchant.
  20. hmm, that sounds very strange. I never heard of this case before. Until someone with a real solution pops up i would delete and reinstall the whole game.
  21. Do i understand it right : after u died several times you are able to play normaly ?