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  1. The best Boss Gems need Fire Mantra to make, couldn't you switch a little to Wind/ Water Mantra to change it up a bit? Or by option to purchase by adena too...
  3. Nothing relevant, but I wanted to see if it's possible! Why not go back with Elves being able to subclass Dark Elf?
  4. Will there be a possibility of a new season this year? 🎅
  5. I agree with the first item. Whenever you unlock Grade S items, the server ends immediately... It already enchants, having a lower limit of +16... when one reaches +16, most are discouraged!
  6. Faça um clan e vamos voltar!
  7. As I gave the idea of the top C and I was heard I'll talk again! Keep it up, but the evolution to B, A and S is still very fast To review: 1) Evolution to Rank 70 is affecting a durability; 2) Mantras for Boss Jewels;
  8. I've been playing OVC for years and see that each cycle is ending faster and faster... I would like to make some suggestions: 1) Get grad C for free and buy grad B for 1 week; 2) 2 weeks, release Grad A; 3) 3 weeks, release Grad S; I don't know if it will work, but I think it will last longer. As it is, on day 2 there are players with S items, and everyone ends up leaving.